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I want to share with you some of our numbers. Here are the 5 best SEO case studies we have collected during our experience in the publishing industry.

We know that even if SEO and Content Marketing are crucial operations for every business with a long time period growth strategy, sometimes many people decide to bet all the budget on Paid advertisement. Why?

Every business which plays a role in a different industry knows that one of the best channels to attract leads is to provide useful content on the web, but SEO seems to need too much time in order to rank and start getting leads for your business.  This is not an absolute truth, of course, SEO is not as immediate as paid advertisement, but working on it in a few months you could have built a great business saving a lot of budget.

We work in the SEO industry and we know perfectly well that the only thing that really matters to clients are numbers, you can fill your their publishing amazing content and breathtaking pictures, but if you do not optimize them working on SEO you’ll never get positive numbers in terms of results.

Today I want to show you a few case studies, where SEO played
a crucial role.

I want to share with you some of our numbers by creating a shortlist with 9 of the best SEO case studies we have collected during our experience.

Get comfortable and find the best solution that could suit your business.

Table of contents

Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow is the original product discovery platform for staying up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns. The iOS and Android apps are now reaching over 30 million people per month, and they support AR and VR for next-level product exploration. 

They wanted to find innovative solutions to boost their organic traffic and their visibility on search engines

Even though we had a pretty good structure before we implemented WordLift, the logic of your software opened our eyes in regards to content organization, importance, and hierarchy. We now focus on relevancy for each of our categories. We try to show our users relevant content to continue exploring — without using any AI or deep data tech that most social media platforms use these days. We believe that we can still deliver high-quality, relevant content by respecting our customers’ privacy, and so far, we are doing a great job at it.

Evan Varsamis

CEO, Gadget Flow

In one year of VIP consultancy, WordLift helped Gadget Flow build an enterprise knowledge graph to enhance SEO and implement a sophisticated entity-based content model. We have used the most advanced features of our product, such as WordLift mappings, all entity types support, VideoObject markup and automatic text summarization. Adding structured data to ProductsReviews, Blog Posts, Categories, and Videos is at the core of the growth strategy plan for this advanced product discovery platform. 


  • In three months, organic traffic to news articles grew by 198% year over year
  • Organic traffic on video content grew by 185% in terms of clicks
  • Reviews gained 100% more clicks.

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Windows Report, is an independent online publication founded in the Fall of 2012 and based in the UK, that covers Microsoft’s Windows platform along with its related products and services, all in the aim of contextualizing the wider implications of their development in the world of technology.

Their traffic stalled for a long period of time. 

As agreed with the client, they needed something more instead of the traditional SEO improvements they could find on the web, that’s why we decided to build a linked graph for the magazine on and we re-designed how content is organized by using the entity-based content model.

Over 1 Mln new organic users per month

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Kinsta is a hosting platform known all over the world. They host all types of sites, from blogs up to Fortune 500 customers, across 128 countries.


They wanted to gain more attention in the search results and to achieve more visibility through these SERP features.

“I worked with WordLift in a previous role, so when I joined Kinsta I saw a great fit and got back in touch!

The WordLift team is made up of many great minds, so we feel confident in knowing that they have the knowledge required to provide a great tool, with new features popping up regularly.“

Sam Gooch

SEO Strategist, Kinsta


WordLift helped Kinsta improve rankings and increase traffic from Google video search. We also used the FAQ and HowTo SERP features, giving their search ads more real space in the SERPs, which has positive effects on CTR, clicks, and impressions. We used entity mapping to analyze content, understand the relationships between content and entities, and translate the information into structured data.


  • + 68% visits from video search by adding structured data;
  • +150% the number of People Also Ask boxes that appear in Google, with clear improvements after installing WordLift;
  • Discover traffic saw a general uptick after installing WordLift;
  • Increase in clicks through improved visibility from FAQ and HowTo SERP features as a result of adding structured data.

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Tharawat Magazine

Tharawat Magazine is one of the world’s foremost publications on family-owned businesses. With over a decade of experience and a thousand published articles, we have established our publication as a source of inspiration for business owners and experts alike.

Tharawat Magazine’s team wanted to introduce an SEO approach in their editorial workflow in order to grow their traffic.

When we started working with them we quickly noticed that they were under-utilizing the wealth of content we had. WordLift stepped in, cleaned up and structured over 1000 articles to increase their visibility. The accelerated returns over the last 5 months are a result of our editorial team’s understanding of how to read the traffic data to make editorial planning more SEO friendly.

+321% in terms of traffic.

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SalzburgerLand Tourismus (SLTG) is the agency responsible for the marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in the region of Salzburg. Its main challenge is to attract and engage travellers from around the world, to meet their needs at the right time and to develop new travel products.

attract world travellers from around the world with first-in-class engaging content.


In this case, we had to build the digital pathways to bring travellers to SalzburgerLand,
We started studying travellers’ behaviour using regional open data on inquiries, bookings, and visits along with search intents.
This analysis helped us define (and re-define) market segments, personas, and information needs for each target group.
We organized existing and new content around different travellers and in the end, we had created their own enterprise knowledge graph using linked data and semantic technologies.

+92.65% more users via organic search

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Freeyork is A community-driven platform where users share their stories and artwork. Freeyork covers all aspects of contemporary art helping artists to get known.

As a small publisher competing with bigger players, Freeyork’s editorial team needed a secret weapon to be productive and to stay ahead of their competition. Therefore, they chose to rely on AI to improve the magazine’s editorial workflow.

Freeyork chose WordLift to annotate its content with markup in order to improve content organization and SEO.

In three months, the number of organic sessions increased by +18.47% and the number of new users grew by +12.13%.

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WordLift creates a knowledge graph and adds markup to your content: this is actually one of the main strengths of our plugin.

Start adding structured data to your content, try it for free


7wData is a blogging platform to foster innovation & matchmaker between people and products, and foremost is here to trigger your data appetite

build a one-stop place where you can find all information regarding data, but needed something specific to interconnect the content assets.

In this case, we built the knowledge graph and it also interconnects the content assets, with minimal effort.
At the same time, it prepares and optimizes its content for search engines and voice search, which allows people to find my content in an even easier way.

 +60% more users via organic search

Read more is a Brazilian platform for spiritual videos and lectures. The editorial project is aimed to provide a complete television channel with a range of insights, seminars and readings focused on the world of spirituality and inner growth.


  • Increase the website visibility and getting good rankings on the search results and bring more visitors to the website.
  • Increase the time spent by viewers on the website pages.

They started using WordLift to create their own vocabulary, enriching the taxonomy of the website with entities linked to Spiritism and revolve around this subject. The creation of’s vocabulary, as well as the strategic enrichment (and marking) with the quality content of each of the entities created, has been at the heart of the strategy for almost a year.


  • number of website users has increased by 198% and 3 videos from the site featured on Google Discover, which earned them 80,000 impressions in two days.
  • page views per session have increased 68,68%.

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Fleek Marketing

Fleek Marketing is a digital marketing agency with strong roots in SEO. They help clients to develop and implement effective digital marketing, online sales, and engagement strategies. They also organize tailored workshops and training for organizations and individuals.


Fleek Marketing’s goal was to leverage structured data and schema markup to gain qualified visibility for one of their clients: a litigation law firm in the UK.


We analyzed the core entities behind the targeted search intents by using WordLift long-tail API and an add-on for Google Sheets (currently under beta testing). Based on these insights, we applied WordLift markup on a selection of URLs (treatment) while keeping an equivalent set of URLs untouched (control).


After 3 weeks, URLs treated with WordLift had +17% more impressions and +30% more clicks when compared to the control group.

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In conclusion, I want to be sure you know that what we do is not just for publishers, actually, every online business needs Semantic SEO, Structured Data, and a Knowledge Graph.
This is the future of Search engine marketing and this is the right moment for gaining an advantage over your competitors.

We take on a small handful of clients projects each year to help them boost their qualified traffic via our SEO Management Service

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