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What The Best Brand Publishers Are Doing Right Now

What The Best Brand Publishers Are Doing Right Now

Traditional publishers and print media companies have seen their profitability tumble as more and more of our daily media habits have moved online. This change gave rise to the seemingly-unstoppable growth of digital content marketing as a core promotional tool, which...

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The Year of AI and WordPress

How to make your own SEO-friendly Machine-Readable Entity IDs

(This article is about putting to use Machine-Readable Entity IDs to gain back control of the data that matters for you or your business and to help others find you unambiguously and... yes, this does lead to better SEO. 🎉 While considered an advanced SEO strategy by...

AMP & Structured Data: Optimize AMP Pages with

Page Speed is the unquestionable strength of Accelerated Mobile Pages. This factor gives these pages an incredible boost in mobile SEO and in CTR. What can you do to further optimize your AMP pages? Here is where structured data in the form of markup comes...

7 Artificial Intelligence Software for SEO

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. From Siri, to Alexa, to Google Home, it’s consuming the age we live in. We have found ourselves relying on a voice in a device to help us with the simplest of tasks. Luckily, content marketers can utilize this advanced...

Voice Search SEO in 2018 – All You Need to Optimize Your Content

In the last two years, we have faced the adoption of a fast-growing technology which will reshape the way we experience the web. In 2018, voice search is everywhere: on your computers, smartphones, cars, and even at home through smart speakers like Google Home and...

Advanced SEO Strategies using Natural Language Processing

In this article, I will share some of the ways natural language processing and the combination of semantic web technologies and machine-learning can help you outsmart your competitors and gain a true SEO advantage. We hear a lot about AI these days and what it can do...