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How AI Is Disrupting Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an ever-evolving arena, which depends upon findability. Think of the great classical works, such as those of Plato and Aristotle. If none would have found them, none would have known of their existence. In other words, when it comes to content,...

Why use WordPress for your website?

WordPress is the most popular open source Web Content Management System used by 27% of the entire Internet. It is free, extremely easy to use and provides thousands of plugins and themes to create a compelling user experience with a limited investment. You've been...

5 Handy Tips on Google Assistant to Future Proof your SEO Strategy

Are you are trying to add voice search as part of your SEO strategy? This article walks through 5 simple tactics to engage your audience with the help of Google Assistant. I love it when new acronyms and buzzwords enter the scene in digital marketing. Most of the time...

How WordLift 3.11 is going to change your blogger experience

The latest release of WordLift comes with a set of new features and with a brand new user experience that will delight any web writer. Let's dive into the new changes and see how you can take advantage of them. 1. User Experience The UX is gonna be slightly different:...

To link or not to link, here is the question…

If you are using WordLift for a while, you know that all the magic is based on the creation of entities, on their semantic markup and on the interlinking between articles and entities. It all happens with a few clicks on your WordPress editor, with no need to code...