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Mixing JSON-LD and Microdata: All You Need to Know

Mixing JSON-LD and Microdata: All You Need to Know

In several cases you might need to mix structured data using different formats like microdata and json-ld; in this article we review the do's and don'ts for these edge cases. Can I mix microdata and json-ld? Yes, it is totally fine to use both syntaxes side by side on...

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Semantic SEO

Answer a specific search intent

Connected Data London

Learn everything about knowledge graphs

Brennpunkt eTourism 2019

Digitalization in the travel industry

SalzburgerLand Tourismus

The success story

Top 10 SEO Trends 2020 that you should know!

Here are my SEO predictions for 2020. In a nutshell: we need to re-think content marketing from the ground up and we - as tool makers - really need to design features that help you cope with an ever changing search landscape; organic opportunities on mobile shrunk by...

Cameos on Google in a Nutshell

What is Cameos on Google? Google Cameos is a new - invite-only - Google Search experiment to let people (that already appear in Google Knowledge Graph) record videos for answering simple questions related to their work and/or life experience. Video-answers appear in...

Keywords vs Entities: a Paradigm Shift in SEO

Old vs. New SEO Once upon a time, SEO was done through a means of finding the right keywords and placing them throughout website content with every synonym known to mankind. Being #1 was the goal and there was not a rich snippet in sight. But one day, Google launched...

How to write meta descriptions using BERT

If you are confused about meta descriptions in SEO, why they are important and how to nail it with the help of artificial intelligence, this article is for you.  If you are eager to start experimenting with an AI-writer, read the full article. At the end, I will give...

Pagination SEO for WordPress — Boost Session Length and Page Views

Pagination allows website editors to split long content into different pages. This technique really belongs to the ABC of web design and information architecture, but — still — pagination SEO best practices are debated. Therefore, dealing with it is not that easy as...

From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO

Using taxonomies, schemas and knowledge graphs to improve search engine rankings and web publishing workflows Structured data has became the avenue toward advanced functionalities in Google (check out our rich results guide) and at the same time, the bridge between...

Rich Snippets on Google’s SERP you can Obtain in 2019

Rich snippets and other features that you can obtain on Google's SERP using the schema markup in 2019 Within the past 10 years, the appearance and function of Google’s SERP have drastically changed with the inclusion of several rich snippets and SERP features that...

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