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7 Artificial Intelligence Software for SEO

7 Artificial Intelligence Software for SEO

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. From Siri, to Alexa, to Google Home, it’s consuming the age we live in. We have found ourselves relying on a voice in a device to help us with the simplest of tasks. Luckily, content marketers can utilize this advanced...

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Voice Search SEO in 2018 – All You Need to Optimize Your Content

In the last two years, we have faced the adoption of a fast-growing technology which will reshape the way we experience the web. In 2018, voice search is everywhere: on your computers, smartphones, cars, and even at home through smart speakers like Google Home and...

Advanced SEO Strategies using Natural Language Processing

In this article, I will share some of the ways natural language processing and the combination of semantic web technologies and machine-learning can help you outsmart your competitors and gain a true SEO advantage. We hear a lot about AI these days and what it can do...

How to grow your editorial business with the help of data

We have talked with Yves Mulkers, founder of 7wData, to discover his experience as a publisher on how data helped him grow his editorial business. See how he gained a +60% on organic users acquisition. Most people don't get excited about data and very few would think...

Is Google Duplex the Weapon for Voice Search Domination?

Looking back ten years from now, we’ll probably say: “it all started with a hair salon reservation.” In fact, what seemed a simple conversation, in reality, opened up a Pandora box, for better or worse. Yet beside socio-cultural evaluations, this will have an enormous...

Why Storytelling is a Powerful Strategic Business Tool

Our purchasing decisions, on a daily basis, are affected by the kind of personality that a brand has cultivated for itself and how we relate to the values it embodies. Of course, the product/services the brand offers factors in too, but the role of a strong...

Automating content marketing for WordPress, a chat with Ruth Raventós

Content marketing is a popular strategic approach, but it takes time and a lot of efforts. Automating as much as you can content creation, optimization, and distribution can be key to success. We discussed this topic with Ruth Raventós, one of the co-founders of Nelio...