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Bing launches new AI-driven Intelligent Search Features

Bing is starting to provide, across the world, a brand new Intelligent Search features for its SERP, powered by AI, to provide immediate answers with a new and comprehensive look and feel. In this article we're presenting few tests of the new search capabilities and...

How to Make a Glossary on a WordPress Site – and Why You Need it

Think about your readers when they first land on a page of your website: is it easy to understand what your website is about? How will they move from a point to another? Think further. How does a computer understand the collection of words your website is relevant...

How Does a Smarter Knowledge Graph Impact SEO?

Every day, here at WordLift, we spend a great amount of time talking with experts in the digital marketing world and experimenting new ways to stand out on Google and Bing by getting better at organizing knowledge. To help websites improve their SEO WordLift creates a...

Bing has confirmed to use the JSON-LD Schema markup

While in the official documentation of Bing still appears as if they prefer more Microdata and RDFa formats, Bing has now confirmed that: they are using JSON-LD to interpret and analyze web pages they are preparing a verification tool to help webmasters check the...

Hey Google! How are people using smart speakers?

The rise of a new market In late 2014, Amazon launched Amazon Echo, a voice-activated speaker powered by the artificial intelligence of Alexa. With this move, the e-commerce giant launched a brand new category of products, the smart speakers. It took two years to...

Artificial Intelligence and SEO: here is our roadmap for 2018 🖖

No matter how we're going to access content this year: one and only one thing is clear to me: Artificial intelligence in SEO will continue to help searchers get to the most relevant results. Here is how we plan to intelligently optimize the content on your website...

Top trends for SEO in 2018

As we approach the end of 2017, it’s time to prepare your digital marketing team for the year ahead and look at the emerging trends that will rule the search world in 2018. This is a summary I’ve created with bullet-proof strategies and tested practices that I’ve...

Beyond voice search… let’s make your website talk 🗣

Hi, hello everyone. We're having an incredibly gratifying first year and I've already presented WordLift and our AI-driven SEO this year at the Data Driven Innovation Day in Rome, at The Next Web Conference and SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam. Every time I accept to give...