AI question answering tool

Extract relevant questions from one or up to 3 URLs and then automatically answer👇

What is an AI question answering tool?

An artificial intelligence question-answering tool is online software that uses AI to extract relevant questions from one or more URLs and provide answers automatically. This free tool has been developed using Large language models (LLMs) and our technology stack. The use of LLMs in isolation tends to be limited. Using WordLift API, we can leverage content from the provided web pages list.

How can I use an AI question answering tool?

The tool is designed to convert existing web pages into question-answer pairs. The result can serve as a content brief to extend an existing article or can be used for training a conversational AI. Add up to 3 URLs and the tool extracs for each of them questions and generates the answers. The tool is free and if you want to use it with more URLs or have more functionality, get in touch with us.

What should I do once I have generated the answers?

You can use AI to create content that helps you improve your SEO. Once you have extracted the most relevant questions and received automated answers, you can use that content to write FAQs and add them to your site. In addition, you can use them to build conversational AI systems like chatbots.

What can WordLift do to optimize your content for SEO?

WordLift is the software that allows you to automate your SEO. With WordLift you can add structured data to your content and create a Knowledge Graph that makes your website understandable to search engines like Google and Bing. This will give you better rankings in the SERPs and therefore more organic traffic and user engagement, leading to more conversions. Try WordLift for free and discover all its advanced features that will help you take your SEO to the next level.