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andrea volpini at brightonseo 2021

SEO Automation Using GPT3 and Transformer Based Language Models

Andrea Volpini speaker at BrightonSEO 2021! You can use GPT-J, GPT-3, or Jurassic-1 to create human-like texts and automate SEO. But not all that glitters is gold…what are the limitations of these language models, and how can you get the best of it? In his speech, SEO Automation using GPT3 and Transformer Based Language Models, he […]

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Language models & Knowledge Graphs are the future of search. A deep dive into KELM and MUM

In the next years, search will undergo a radical transformation guided by Knowledge Graphs and the increased abilities of language models. If you want to prepare, ahead of this seismic shift for SEO, watch this webinar and discover what you need to learn and what you have to do. Bill Slawski, Dawn Anderson, Andrea Volpini and Jason Barnard discuss the ins and […]

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Meet the World’s Leading Experts on Product Knowledge Graphs

The WordLift Academy is proud to present the Knowledge Graph Quartet — the world-class experts on Product Knowledge Graphs. Follow them to discover the true value of Knowledge Graphs. Jason Barnard, Jarno van Driel, Teodora Petkova, and Andrea Volpini will discuss the importance of Product Knowledge Graphs for e-commerce marketing and SEO. Coming from four different areas […]

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How Web Stories Can Drive Massive Traffic to Your Site

In this podcast episode, Andrea discusses with Rich Brooks how Google’s Web Story feature is different from the other Stories you see from Instagram and Facebook, and how you can put on your Director’s hat and create “trailers” for your other written content, such as blog posts, and drive massive traffic to your website.

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How to get and control a Knowledge Panel for your brand or yourself | Webinar with Jason Barnard, Paige Hobart and Andrea Volpini

Google Knowledge Panels are one of the hottest topics in SEO. Andrea Volpini, Paige Hobart and Jason Barnard will show you how to trigger and manage yours on Google.

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[Tutorial] Enhance your content model with schema.org markup using WordLift Mappings

WordLift Mappings is a new and powerful feature of WordLift, that allows anyone — without any coding skills — to add schema.org markup to their websites enhancing the holistic perspective of the content model with structured data. Going too fast? Probably yes. If not, just skip to the video. ? Let’s define a few basic […]

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