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How to get and control a Knowledge Panel for your brand or yourself | Webinar with Jason Barnard, Paige Hobart and Andrea Volpini

Google Knowledge Panels are one of the hottest topics in SEO. Andrea Volpini, Paige Hobart and Jason Barnard will show you how to trigger and manage yours on Google.

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[Tutorial] Enhance your content model with markup using WordLift Mappings

WordLift Mappings is a new and powerful feature of WordLift, that allows anyone — without any coding skills — to add markup to their websites enhancing the holistic perspective of the content model with structured data. Going too fast? Probably yes. If not, just skip to the video. ? Let’s define a few basic […]

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Structuring Unstructured Content - Build your own knowledge graph

Open Source Knowledge Graph: Build Your Own before Google Does

Web connections are not juts links anymore. Nowadays they are knowledge graphs connecting entities. In this 30 minutes podcast, Andrea Volpini will help you understand the concepts behind semantic web, entities, knowledge graphs, and their SEO benefits.

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How Structured Data for e-commerce impacts your sales

It’s now free to sell on Google. Using Structured Data, e-commerce sites can now get more exposure for their products and increase the CTR. Learn how!

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SEO Flash News with Doreid Haddad

SEO Flash News with Doreid Haddad — June 2020

Keeping track of the latest Google Updates and learning how SEO is evolving is crucial to get the best out of your digital marketing strategy.

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When GMB and Knowledge Panels Collide

When GMB and Knowledge Panels Collide — Live Webinar with Andrea Volpini, Jason Barnard, and Paige Hobart

Google My Business is for all local businesses the entry Point in Google’s Knowledge Graph here is why you need to be very accurate when compiling your business listing on Google.

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