Andrea Volpini at the SMXL Milan!

Andrea Volpini led the audience into the fascinating world of autonomous AI agents based on structured data and knowledge graphs in the talk. The goal was to leverage innovative technologies, such as Auto-GPT, to automate SEO tasks and generate conversational experiences that put the user at the center of the interaction, enriching the user experience without compromising the pleasure of reading or the writer’s authority.

Andrea illustrated how using structured data and knowledge graphs makes it possible to create AI agents that function as real interlocutors, allowing users to interact with content in a natural and intuitive way. These agents enhance users’ understanding of the topics covered and preserve the author’s authority by merging structured data from a website with language models.

During the presentation, concrete use cases implemented to improve SEO and interaction on various sites were explored, providing an overview of how this methodology has already revolutionized how content is created on the Web.

Browse the presentation here.

What was learned during this presentation paves the way for new opportunities for authors, publishers, and users of digital content. The future of interacting with content is now, thanks to this evolution that promises to transform the creation and enjoyment of online content radically.

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