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Automate your SEO
by adding structured data to your website and building a custom Knowledge Graph
Get more organic traffic
by making your content readable for search engines
Reach a more qualified audience

and engage clients giving them a better user experience

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Package Starter
Number of website 1 website
Knowledge Graph Knowledge Graph
Number of Schema Types 10 Schema Types
Monthly Pricing 59€ per month (billed annually)
Yearly Pricing 49€ per month (billed annually)
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Recommendation Recommended
Image Professional logo
Package Professional
Number of website Up to 2 website
Knowledge Graph Knowledge Graph
Number of Schema Types 18 Schema Types
Monthly Pricing 99€ per month (billed annually)
Yearly Pricing 79€ per month (billed annually)
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Actions Try now
Image Business + Ecommerce logo
Package Business + Ecommerce
Number of website Up to 5 website
Knowledge Graph Knowledge Graph
Number of Schema Types Hundreds of Schema Types
Monthly Pricing 249€ per month (billed annually)
Yearly Pricing 199€ per month (billed annually)
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If you need a customized solution, the Enterprise is for you. You'll be able to use our software and have our team of SEO experts provide several hours of advice and support to help you implement your SEO strategy and achieve your business goals.

How it works

Add Structured Data Automatically To Your Content

Our technology makes it fast and easy to acquire, mark up and integrate structured data into any website. This allows your business’s data to be recognized and searched by modern search engines like Google.

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Demand Analysis

Enhance your website's ranking with comprehensive SERP and entities analysis. Tailor your content for search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and understanding.

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Structured Data & Knowledge Graph

With our AI we build your own knowledge graph for your business with entities marked up by the different topics, categories and regions. Using this graph, search engines will be able to understand the structure of your content faster and more precise than ever before.

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Smart Content & User Engagement

Scale your content creation using a dynamic solution to generate accurate, engaging, and versatile content. Crafted in collaboration with industry experts, it's tailored to meet your company's specific needs.

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Semantic Report

Get semantic analytics with WordLift and create a dashboard using Google Data Studio and your traffic data to produce outstanding reports to share with your team and clients.


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    How to build a Product Knowledge Graph for your e-commerce.

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    How to set up WordLift to trigger a Knowledge Panel.

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    How to build a chatbot using your Knowledge Graph.

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    How to use AI to generate high-ranking content for your e-commerce.

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  • Get answers in the FAQ Page

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    Do you have a question about WordLift? There's a good chance you can find your answers here.


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