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Agency partner program

Give your client more visibility, maximize their SEO and make them genuinely competitive in search engines. Help them get more clients and build better user experiences. 

With us you can build a knowledge graph to enhance SEO and implement a sophisticated entity-based content model for your clients.

  • Training and technical support “you will have a unique service dedicated to you for continuous and constant training”.

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Technical partner program

Integrate WordLift into your platform and you’ll see measurable results  with the support of highly skilled technology team. Make your SEO truly competitive. We help integrate your tech stack with the latest SEO trends.

With a wide selection of APIs you can boost the organic traffic and visibility on search engines tackling structured data, content modellingcontent recommendations, natural language generation, natural language processing, schema markup monitoring and validation, supervised and unsupervised content classification, SERP analysis and forward-thinking SEO support to get the most out of Google Discover and Google News for all of your clients.

  • Training and technical support“you will have a unique service dedicated to you for continuous and constant training”
  • Generous Affiliation fee “you can earn a fee with your sales and grow your business.”
  • Early previews and innovative new tools: “be the first to exclusively preview our latest technologies and tools, gain access to alpha and beta releases and stay ahead of the curve of SEO trends”
  • Access free keys and API for API integration to bring modern SEO automation into your products. 
If your agency works mostly with E-commerce clients we have the right solution for you. We have a highly specialized E-commerce solution that automates the most time consuming SEO processes for optimal product visibility and SEO optimization. Let us put our powerful artificial intelligence in the hands of your clients.

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I saw search traffic increase by 30% compared to last month, even comparing a longer period to last year, I saw increases of 60% in search traffic.

It’s the unique combination of not just tagging, but preparing the terms for search engine to understand what the page is about, in combination with the ease of use..

Yves Mulkers
Founder and Publisher at 7wData

I’m at the end of my 2 weeks free trial and I’ve signed up for a year. Because my traffic improvement is far better than I expected even after a short time. So I compared my last week with the previous month. Then, as I told the author, I found 50% more Impressions! 46% more Clicks! And even an improvement in Position!

It’s too early to calculate ROI yet. But let’s just say I’m not worried.

Clearly, Semantic SEO is everything I expected it would be, and more. But I believe you get most out of it if you stop wasting time with trivial SEO details and think more about the bigger picture of what your audience wants.

Keith Taylor
Web Enterpreneur

A plugin that offers a wide range of opportunities. It easily adds the Schema.org markup to your content, and enriches your website with semantically relevant internal links

Juan Carlos Pell
SEO Specialist

Loving WordLift and what it has done to help our site rank higher in vocabulary building, an area of SEO often neglected by other websites.

Although building the initial vocabulary list of a website may be a lot of work, it pays off long-term. Instead of linking out to other websites or to Wikipedia, you can direct your users to an in-site explanation of terms.

Google appreciates this, of course, and will give you some positive rank love along the way.

Sean Si
Blogger, Entrepreneur and SEO Specialist

This plugin is awesome! After one month I’ve got almost +50% organic traffic (still growing), half bounce rate, and almost 1’00” average time-view increased in my Amazon affiliate (content based) niche website. Support is also great.

Michele Cantelli

I see WordLift as a loom for Semantic Web weavers. It makes your content engaging while giving it the machine-readable form it needs to thrive and make a difference in the Semantic Web.

Teodora Petkova
Freelance Copywriter

This is the first semantic web plugin for WordPress which really works. This plug-in is different, it empowers you to make real connections between your content entities.

Volker Grünauer
CEO at Advatera

This plugin allows you to markup existing and new content with definitions to become the semantic hub of your industry. Great for SEO, and really easy to use in WordPress.

Matt Jackson
SEO Strategist and Director at JP Digital

Began using the plugin for work on one of our websites. Impressed with the features and the customer service is excellent – FAST.
If you blog or want to get better rankings through blogging – SUBSCRIBE

Robb Wallace
Writer and Digital Marketer

I’m very happy to have WordLift. For me, is the future of SEO.

Marina Pitzoi
Digital Marketer

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