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Kalicube is a digital marketing agency pioneering the concept of Brand SERP optimization and Knowledge Panel management. Kalicube developed Kalicube Pro SaaS, a cloud-based platform that helps agencies optimize Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels for their clients. It also offers the Kalicube Academy, done-for-you branding on Google services, and bespoke consultancy.

Since 2021, WordLift and Kalicube have been working together. Their strength lies in the complementary nature of their products: Kalicube takes care of the optimization of web-level Entities based on Cornerstone Entities, while WordLift builds an internal Knowledge Graph around these Cornerstone Entities, making it easier to ‘feed’ the whole package to Google.

Every month, we co-host webinars about entity-based SEO, content marketing, AI-generated content, Knowledge Graph, etc.

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Wiideman Consulting Group 

Often referred to as “The Agency’s Agency,” team members of WCG have proudly served some of the world’s largest brands in e-commerce, service, and franchise industries. When referenced, we’re often called Multi-Location SEO Experts. WCG brings corporate search engine marketing expertise and leadership to the inbound marketing industry.

Wiideman stands out among other consultancies in its ability to build site hierarchies built to rank well for extremely competitive keywords while including the latest page-level attributes from testing, such as structured markup, user-generated content, and attributes Google and users find to be the most helpful among the billions of ranking pages.

Wiideman and WordLift started their collaboration in 2022, exchanging experiences, expertise, and skills.


SMA Marketing

Since 2009, SMA Marketing has provided strategic and creative search marketing solutions to help its clients connect with their audiences online. The company offers several services, from Semantic SEO and topic-based content strategy to web development and marketing coaching. Marketing is more than just generating leads. It’s about generating business results!

From 2021, the collaboration between SMA Marketing and WordLift begins, a strong synergy of mutual growth that continues over time. While on the one hand, the agency chooses to integrate WordLift into its commercial offer supported by continuous training and support from the WordLift agency team, on the other hand, SMA Marketing brought back its experience and suggestions from its customers on how WordLift can be adapted and improved.

By reading this article, you will know how SMA Marketing improved a client’s website ranking on Google with WordLift.



iPullRank is a performance-driven marketing agency that delivers exceptional service in the disciplines of SEO, Content Marketing, and Audience Research for enterprise and mid-market businesses. With a series of expertly crafted roadmap deliverables, your success in organic search is the heart of our service.

Since 2023, at the forefront of technology, iPullRank works with WordLift by integrating advanced AI-powered software that generates results and revenue for our clients.


SEO Hacker

SEO Hacker is a leading SEO agency in the Philippines. Since 2010, they have maintained their quality, expertise, and white hat methods throughout the years. And by embracing the dynamic landscape of SEO, it continuously adapts work to navigate Google’s algorithm updates, shaping the approach to align perfectly with Google’s intended workings.

Clients can see their commitment in every aspect of their work, from mapping out new website designs to writing informative articles and building valuable external links. 

SEO Hacker works together with Wordlift to superpower their pages. It seamlessly converts any content it contains into a machine-readable context—allowing search engines to gain a deeper understanding of them while enhancing their overall engagement and searchability.

Read this article and see how SEO Hacker improved its client’s e-commerce with WordLift.


WP Provider

WP Provider is a premier managed WordPress hosting company based in the Netherlands, dedicated to empowering businesses with top-notch digital solutions. We focus on reliability, security, and performance and offer a seamless hosting experience tailored specifically for WordPress websites.

We understand the significance of maximizing online visibility, so we’ve partnered with Wordlift, a leading AI-powered SEO platform. This partnership allows us to provide our clients cutting-edge SEO tools and strategies to enhance their online presence and drive organic website traffic.

Our team is available 24/7 to provide unmatched support and assistance, ensuring our client’s websites are always up and operating smoothly. In addition to its top-tier managed WordPress hosting services, WP Provider offers a comprehensive suite of additional digital solutions. These include managed email hosting and ensuring secure and efficient business communication channels.



SEO.London by Lukasz Zelezny offers a high-end SEO consultancy, working with some of the biggest household brands across various industries in Europe, Asia, and North America. SEO.London helps businesses to increase their organic traffic, grow, attract new customers, and, in turn, increase sales revenue and market share.

Since 2020, SEO.London has included WordLift in its SEO offering, helping many of its clients to improve search engine optimization of their websites at scale, inject structure data and build knowledge graphs. 

SEO.London’s review of WordLift, read it here.

Technology Partners



Recently WordLift launched the Product Knowledge Graph Builder for Microsoft Azure Market Place. It is an innovative product that helps e-commerce companies build a product knowledge graph using their data in Google Merchant Feed. PKG is an e-commerce-specific form of the knowledge graph that makes products understandable to search engines and voice assistants by enriching a brand’s content with structured data. With it, it is possible to increase the visibility and ranking of products on search engines and get them listed for free in Google Shopping. 

Microsoft has a profound impact globally across millions of organizations. We’re excited to bring our contribution to AI-powered SEO to build a culture around data and redesign human-machine collaboration.

On the occasion of the “Ambizione Italia #DigitalChamps” event, the plan for the digitization of SMEs and startups launched by Microsoft in collaboration with Cerved, Elite, LinkedIn, Gruppo Poste Italiane and Sace, CEO and founder Andrea Volpini participates in the Repubblica roundtable. To see his speech, click here.



Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting, Application Hosting, Database Hosting, and Static Site Hosting services. They take performance and security to the next level.

Powered by the Google Cloud Platform and its lightning-fast Premium Tier network, WordPress users can choose from 35+ data centers around the globe. 

You’ll have peace of mind with the Kinsta hack-fix guarantee, they offer 24/7 support 365 days a year from their expert WordPress engineers. Kinsta is proud to be developer-friendly, offering support for complex installations such as Bedrock, and reverse-proxy configurations, with access to tools such as SSH and WP-CLI on all plans.

Get started today at kinsta.com! Their team will migrate you for free!

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WP Engine

WP Engine is committed to keeping WordPress websites fast, scalable, and secure, offering reliable support and innovation. More than 70.000 companies have chosen it, and Hostingadvice.com has awarded it the best premium WordPress hosting.

It offers its customers a Solution Center which showcases highly selected and trusted WordPress plugins. Using their services, you can find WordLift in the list of marketing tools for increasing traffic or helping with monetization.

If you are looking for premium hosting for your WordPress website, you’ll better check it out. As partners of WP Engine, we have a 20% discount that we’d like to share with you: Save 20% off your first payment.

Here is the article we wrote for WP Engine Torque Magazines.

Jina AI

Jina  AI is an MLOps platform for multimodal AI, neural search, and generative AI. It empowers users to build scalable applications in the cloud with a few lines of code without worrying about infrastructure complexity or scalability.

WordLift developed many demo apps powered by Jina AI. Among the many solutions provided by Jina AI, WordLift explored Clip-As-Service to build a visual reasoner and to create an unsupervised image classification tool. Jina NOW is another solution for running neural search apps that can be easily leveraged to build custom 404 pages for e-commerce websites or a multimodal search engine. With its DocArray, the data structure for multimodal data, Jina AI enables anyone to build a clustering solution on top of language modeling and embedding. Last but not least, check Jina AI’s Hub to discover building blocks for multimodal AI applications. 

Here watch the webinar on “When Neural Search Meets SEO”


WooRank is a Belgian company that developed a fast, easy-to-use SEO audit and digital marketing tool. WooRank generates an instant audit of the site’s technical, on-page, and off-page SEO, bringing simple, clear, and actionable insights to increase search ranking, website traffic, audience engagement, and conversion and customer retention rates.

 WordLift and WooRank have joined forces to automate digital marketing as part of a strategic partnership. Our mission is to deliver first-in-class SEO tailor-made for your website.

If you want to discover the full potential of WordLift and WooRank together, try our Business plan.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a company and an open-source community focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence. They are well-known for their contributions to developing and popularizing state-of-the-art models, libraries, and tools in the field of NLP.
WordLift pioneered live open-source LLMs in collaboration with Hugging Face, starting in the summer of 2020. Today, our platform’s API services, including extractive content summarization and unsupervised content classification, are powered by Hugging Face’s open-source models hosted on Microsoft Azure.