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Let Artificial Intelligence run the SEO on your website: listen to Courtney McGhee from WooRank.

Giants such as Amazon, New York Times and the BBC are organizing their content with this technology, that to an average enterprise would cost €1.000 monthly.

WordLift makes it available to you for just 49€ right after the 14 days of the free trial. Pretty affordable, uh? Give it a try!

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Measure all your content marketing efforts and optimize your strategy thanks to the insightful data from WordLift + WooRank

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How SalzburgerLand gained +92.65% organic users compared with its industry

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How WordLift helped grow their organic visibility by 61%

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Why Freeyork articles are performing 2.4 times better in terms of traffic

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Can you tell me more about WordLift’s SEO benefits?

WordLift allows you to add a layer of metadata to your content, which provides several SEO benefits:

  1. Schema markup added to all your content will ensure Google will properly index and unquestionably understand the content of your article;
  2. Internal linking based on semantic concepts more than anchor texts will increase the SEO value of your pages;
  3. A properly curated vocabulary will act as search magnet on higher traffic queries to be then connected to your blog posts and your pages;
  4. Connecting your content semantically has a terrific effect on engagement metrics as well and good engagement metrics are of course an important signal for Google as well. Thanks to the contextual info added to your content and the connections between pages and posts that can be made through the 5 visualization widgets available, you will enjoy double digit growth for all your usability metrics.

Can you prove that WordLift improves the online visibility of websites?

We are on a mission to automate digital marketing tasks and to improve the visibility of websites. Testing the product’s assumptions by looking at the web metrics with a methodical approach, is a crucial part of our product development.

We recently presented a research study and proved that our semantic markup, annotations and widgets improve the number of visitors, the pageviews, the time spent on page and the duration of a session with a double digit growth on an editorial website with around 150.000 monthly visitors.

While not all websites are created equal, you can download the result of this study and start testing WordLift yourself. It does work!

I already have another WordPress SEO Plugin. Are SEO plugins compatible with WordLift?

Yes! WordLift works on what is called Semantic SEO and complements the functionalities of SEO Ultimate. WordLift helps you create the metadata that search engines need to understand the relationship between concepts, how they work together and what each entity represents for you and your audience.

Each new page created with WordLift should be further optimized with the help of a SEO Ultimate to get a 360° SEO coverage.

Who owns the structured metadata created with WordLift?

You do! We believe content creators should retain the commercial value of their content and all the data they create and exploit it through new business models based on content syndication, data-as-a-service and a stronger relationship with their audience.

You can open your datasets to the public, attaching to it a free or a commercial licence. Otherwise, use your data to feed chat boxes such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, providing live feed updates on your activity and/or automatic customer service in real time.

What are the languages supported by WordLift?

WordLift currently supports 32 languages: Chinese, Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Albanian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian.

How does the free-trial work?

Your credit card will not be charged in the first 14 days. At any time during the 14-day trial you can contact us so that we will not charge you after the trial ends. Within the 14-day you are also entitled to contact us to take your free live training session.