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The success story of SalzburgerLand


More organic users compared to 161 competitors

SalzburgerLand Tourismus (SLTG) is the agency responsible for marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in the region of Salzburg. Its main challenge is to attract and engage travelers from around the world, to meet their needs at the right time and to develop new travel products.

SalzburgerLand Tourismus - Logo

The Challenge

We’ve been collaborating with SLTG since 2014 to grow their organic traffic and to implement an open linked data content marketing strategy. is SLTG’s main online property and at the very center of a distributed network of online services (mobile websites, mobile apps, social media accounts and so on). The goal of the site has always been to attract world travelers from around the world with first-in-class engaging content.

The Solution

After analyzing the core business targets, the team drafted a set of traveler marketing personas and moved ahead with a 3-step digital strategy:

  1. Migrating to WordPress
  2. Organizing existing and new content around different travelers
  3. Creating with WordLift an enterprise knowledge graph – a semantic database that describes all concepts that matter: these are the key building blocks of the information architecture of the new website.


Using WordLift (and WordLift Cloud) we are now able to structure our content, make it readable for machines to serve personal assistants like Alexa, Google Home or any other smart device – and to share it with our partners.

Rainer Edlinger

Digital Media Manager, SalzburgerLand Tourismus

The Results

Between February 2017 and July 2017, the site has acquired via organic search 148.166 new users. In other words, the Austrian regional tourism agency, after the first 6 months, has outperformed the competition: compared with 161 websites from the same industry and with a similar range of traffic, had acquired 92.65% more users via organic search.

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