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With our SEO Management Service, we help you reach your goals through your website by developing a tailored SEO strategy and executing it. From technical SEO to content modeling and SEO copywriting we manage all the critical aspects of your organic search growth — with a special eye to structured data, innovation, and AI, our specialties.

Your path starts from an in-depth SEO analysis and goes on with a KPI driven strategy that will guide you towards success on the SERPs that matter for you. We assist you in all the things you do that have an impact on search traffic (from improving your site speed, to creating a data-driven content strategy) and we have a team of in-house experts that will take over all the activities which are far from your core expertise.

What’s your biggest struggle in SEO?

As a startup

I need to scale my business fast with digital marketing.

As a publisher

I need to get more traffic to drive my revenues.

As an agency

I need to externalize SEO to focus on our expertise.

My traffic has reached a plateau

I need to start growing again and reach new hights.

I'm dramatically losing traffic

I need to fix it and gain back my position.

Competitors are outranking me

I need to gain back my position on my key SERPs.

Did you know that 64% of marketers actively invest in SEO?

Source: HubSpot Research


Integrated SEO Strategy

From technical SEO to semantic SEO, we make sure your content is machine-understandable, automate structured data markup, and give you a competitive edge to drive customers directly to your website.

The WordLift VIP Team

You’ll have a multidisciplinary team working for you. Our team includes a set of T-shaped profiles with expertise in a specific area and a wide range of skills in many other areas of digital marketing, SEO, and programming.

Performance Monitoring And Impact Evaluation

We will consistently monitor the performance of your website and send you periodic update reports. We will evaluate the impact of the activated SEO strategy and compare the result we had with the expected results we would have had without adding the markup.

VIP Consulting And Support

This program includes consulting hours with our expert team and access to privileged support channels. We believe the right way to support leading businesses is with ongoing and consistent care from our expert team, closely connected to your project’s objectives and business goals.

We are not your typical Internet Marketing Agency

Here at WordLift, we don’t just do SEO stuff as an average SEO agency — we create the future of SEO. Besides a team of experts, focused on each single aspect of your SEO, you can count on the first AI-powered SEO.

We’ve spent the last years, developing WordLift: a semantic platform that enables you to add structured data to your pages, create your own knowledge graph, and get the most out of your content.

Meet our AI

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What does our SEO Management Service really include?

SEO Review & Audit

Before starting working on your website, we do an assessment and deliver to you an in-depth SEO Review & Audit that will be the strating point of your brand new SEO Strategy.

SEO framework

We apply to your specific case and SEO framework built around your industry which has proven to work before. This will allow us cover all the essential steps towards success.

Semantic SEO

We rely on WordLift’s AI to analyze your web content and add markup. It will enhance the findability of your content and create meaningful internal links.

Structured data

By adding markup to your pages, WordLift adds a layer of structured data. It helps search engines understand better and classify the content of your website.

Knowledge graph

All the structured data created by WordLift are connected by meaningful links and published on a knowledge graph built and refined around your content model.

Technical SEO

We optimize all the technical aspects that can have an impact on search: page speed, broken links, crawl errors, sitemap, robots.txt, 404 Error Pages, and more.

Testing & Analysis

We use stage environments to test your website compatibility with WordLift and any other tool we decide to use to optimize it, in order to give you a flawless and safe implemention of any technical improvement.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has become a must. For this reason, we test the mobile friendliness of your website using cross-browsing analysis tools, and then we fix your mobile UX flaws you may have and improve your rankings.

Editorial Planning

We suggest you new content opportunities to help you build a data-driven editorial plan based on promising keywords, rich snippets opportunities, competitors’ benchmark analysis, People Also Ask, and more.

Content Marketing Initiatives

We help you spot the best opportunities in terms of content marketing initiatives by helping you choose the right media and the right channels to meet your users when and where it matters for them.

SEO Copywriting

We analyze the keywords that matter to your business and your users and then we create original, engaging, and well-designed content to drive more qualified traffic to your website. If you are a publisher, we can help you edit your articles with an eye for SEO.

Local SEO

We help you get search exposure for exactly where you need it, by promoting your products and services to local prospects and customers. Optimizing your local business listings to rank well in map results including Google, Bing and Apple maps.

Off-site SEO

We manage your backlink profile to help you improve your off-page SEO by spotting new link building opportunities on authoritative websites, cleaning broken links, and turning off existing bad links that may damage your search rankings.

Customized Dashboard

We create a customized dashboard for you to check the information about your traffic, leads, and relevant results. In this way, you and your team can keep an eye on the results of our SEO strategy anytime and have all the information in one place.

Reporting and ROI

Once a month, we send you an email report that collects the latest results of your latest SEO tactics and a detailed plan for the following month. In addition, every quarter, we will measure your SEO strategy ROI and main achievements.

“There are so many SEO tools around. But we didn’t need a new tool, we needed a complete new strategy for growing our business in a sustainable way”

Radu Tyrsina
(Founder, Windows Report)

Climb the competition now, use AI and allow new clients to find you! Ready?



What is SEO management?

SEO Management means taking care of all the different aspects of SEO in order to reach a business’ goals through its website by developing a tailored SEO strategy and executing it. From technical SEO to content modeling and SEO copywriting every critical aspect of search growth needs to be managed and measured day by day in order to bring results.

SEO is a process — not a result. Therefore you can’t just do some optimization and then forget about it, you really someone who knows how to refine, improve, and drive your SEO.


What SEO services include?

Our SEO service is a complete package of different SEO specialties that can tailored on your specific needs.

It includes:

  • SEO auditing and in-depth analysis
  • SEO framework based on your industry
  • Semantic SEO
  • Structured data
  • Creation of a custom knowledge graph
  • Technical SEO management — page speed, broken links, crawl errors, sitemap accessibility, robot.txt, 404 error page, and more
  • Website compatibility analysis and tesring for the implementation of new technologies and  improvements
  • Mobile SEO
  • Editorial planning and data-driven suggestions
  • Content marketing initiatives
  • SEO copywriting
  • Local SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Customized dashboard
  • Reporting and ROI measuring.
How long does SEO take to see results?

It really depends on your specific case, but our experience taught us that usually in the first 2-4 weeks you can see encouraging improvements on your main KPIs.

How much does your SEO service cost?

Our pricing varies on the basis of the goals, of services included, and of the overall effort in terms of strategy and implementation.

Our mini-VIP plan starts at 500€ per month, but most of our clients need a more complete package which starts at 1.000€.

How much do SEO services cost per month?

Our mini-VIP plan starts at 500€ per month, but most of our clients need a more complete package which starts at 1.000€.

Are SEO services worth it?

Yes! SEO service can help you grow your business natuarally creating a strong advantage in terms of traffic, lead generation, and business results.

In the long run, SEO will cost you less then advertising and it often assures better results in terms of user engagement and coversions.

Can I talk to a project manager before I decide to purchase?

Of course! Before buying anything you will have the chance to discuss with a member of our VIP team your needs, your starting point, and your goals.

Then, you will receive an audit and a proposal that will define the level of service and set the KPIs.

Who will be working on my SEO campaign?

Depending on your specific needs, we will set a team of experts that will dedicate their work to your success.

Our VIP team always includes a business developer, an SEO specialist, and a project manager, plus, when needed:

  • UI and UX designers
  • Developers
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Content managers
  • ICT specialists.

Getting started with our SEO Management Service is pretty easy

1. Contact our experts filling the form
2. Get a free SEO audit of your website and discuss with us your business KPIs
3. Get our proposal and start building your SEO success.