Kinsta: +68% Visits from Video Search


visits from video search

Websites are at the heart of all businesses, that’s why Kinsta set out to create the best hosting platform in the world. They host all types of sites, from blogs up to Fortune 500 customers, across 128 countries.

A fast-performing website is essential to a business’s SEO, conversions, and user experience. Their customers experience lightning-fast load times thanks to Google Cloud Platform’s lightning-fast premium tier network and C2 machines. They can also rest easy at night knowing their sites are backed by Cloudflare’s world-class security. And if something does go wrong, our 24/7 export support team is there to lend a hand in six different languages.

Their team is made up of members of the web community: users, developers, and enthusiasts. They’re proud to be one of the fastest-growing managed hosts in the industry. This is their story: one of our best SEO case studies.

The Challenge

Google’s search results are always evolving, with new SERP features appearing all of the time. These tend to gain more attention in the search results, which leads to more clicks if you’re able to be featured. Kinsta was looking for a tool that could help it to achieve more visibility through these SERP features.

They worked with WordLift to identify opportunities to unlock some of these SERP features, using our automated features to pull all of the necessary fields into WordPress, allowing Kinsta to populate them with the relevant information to automatically generate the structured data needed to be eligible.

The Solution

With the help of WordLift, Kinsta was able to improve rankings to their content that features video, leading to an increase in traffic from Google video search. They also tapped into FAQ and HowTo SERP features, giving their search listings more real-estate in the SERPs which lead to improved CTR, clicks, and impressions.

They have also taken advantage of entity mapping, associating our hub content with entities, then showing the relationship with their content using structured data. This helps search engines to better understand their topic clusters and the entities mentioned in each piece of content.

With some guidance from the WordLift team, they were able to add all of the necessary plugins to help them translate the information on the page into structured data, making data eligible to appear in the SERP features.

WordLift provided a dedicated Slack channel that allows us to work together to ideate and implement structured data on our site. WordLift is always quick to respond and often reaches out to make sure we’re using the plugin to its full potential.

Sam Gooch – SEO Strategist at Kinsta

The Result

We offered them a customized solution of the tool, in order to achieve the desired results.

We’ve seen lots of positive results and are happy to be working with a tool that’s ahead of the curve, helping us to take advantage of all of the features available to make our results more visible in Google.

Sam Gooch – SEO Strategist at Kinsta
  • + 68% visits from video search by adding structured data;
  • +150% the number of People Also Ask boxes that appear in Google, with clear improvements after installing WordLift;
  • Discover traffic saw a general uptick after installing WordLift;
  • Increase in clicks through improved visibility from FAQ and HowTo SERP features as a result of adding structured data.

“I worked with WordLift in a previous role, so when I joined Kinsta I saw a great fit and got back in touch!

The WordLift team is made up of many great minds, so we feel confident in knowing that they have the knowledge required to provide a great tool, with new features popping up regularly.“

Sam Gooch

SEO Strategist, Kinsta