AI SEO Agent

One SEO Task at a Time Using Conversational AI.

Experience the synergy of AI-generated content and Knowledge Graphs for Semantic SEO.

 Introduction to the WordLift Agent’s Functionalities

Maximize Your SEO with the AI SEO Agent

Analyze URLs

Gain deep insights into your content’s structure, keywords, and entities.

Explore Queries

Decode search query performance and uncover related topics.

Expand Content

Elevate your content by integrating relevant, missing entities.

Discover SERP Similarities

Benchmark your content against top-ranking search results.

Entity Gap Analysis

Spot key entities your content lacks compared to top performers.

Repurpose Content Ideas

Generate fresh content by tapping into successful themes on your site.


AI agent verifies facts, ensures accuracy, combats misinformation online.

See the WordLift Agent in Action!

Watch the video and learn about WordLift Agent’s capabilities and how it simplifies SEO activities.

Customized SEO Solutions for Diverse Audiences

For Large Organizations

Strategic Insights with Scalable Precision.

Emphasize the WordLift Agent’s ability to process large datasets and provide strategic insights.

For Editorial Teams

Enrich Your Content with Semantic Depth.

Explain how the WordLift Agent can assist in creating contextually rich content.

For Agencies

Enhance  SEO Offerings with Knowledge Graphs.

Offer tools for agencies to create and manage Knowledge Graphs with the WordLift Agent.

For Small & Medium Businesses

Simplified SEO Management for Growth.

 Present the WordLift Agent as a comprehensive solution for SMEs to manage their SEO effortlessly.

The WordLift Agent Advantage

Data-Grounded Answers

Showcase the ability to provide answers grounded in the client's Knowledge Graph for accurate and relevant SEO insights.

AI Content & Validation Workflow

Highlight the seamless integration of AI-generated content with a robust validation workflow.

Data Protection & Compliance

Emphasize the commitment to data protection within WordLift's cloud and adherence to the EU AI Act.

Success Stories and Testimonials

How SalzburgerLand gained +92.65% organic users compared with its competitors and industry.

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How EssilorLuxottica used generative AI to drive innovation and revolutionize SEO strategies.

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How Express Legal Funding increased traffic by more than 50% to pages implemented with markup using WordLift.

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