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One SEO Task at a Time Using Conversational AI.

Experience the synergy of AI-generated content and Knowledge Graphs for Semantic SEO.

 Introduction to the WordLift Agent’s Functionalities

Maximize Your SEO with the AI SEO Agent

Welcome to the future of SEO and content optimization. Our AI SEO Agent, designed specifically for editorial teams, SEOs, and digital marketing agencies, leverages AI to streamline your content strategy, enhance your SEO efforts, and drive meaningful engagement.

Analyze Search Demand

This includes keyword discovery to understand and target search queries effectively.

Transform Content

It offers tools and insights to optimize content for web pages, social media, newsletters.

Revamp Content

It includes suggestions to refresh existing content to maintain relevance and engagement.

Create Content

This includes social media posts, content buckets, newsletters, FAQ sections, product descriptions, etc.

Why AI SEO Agent by WordLift is different

Unerring Accuracy in Responses

Showcase the ability to provide answers grounded in the client's Knowledge Graph for accurate and relevant SEO insights.

Specific for your SEO Tasks

Focusing on optimizing content and strategies for SEO, rather than offering broad, generalist services.

Data Protection & Compliance

Emphasize the commitment to data protection within WordLift and adherence to the EU AI Act.

Customized SEO Solutions for Diverse Audiences

Customizing SEO approaches to meet the unique needs and preferences of varied audience segments for optimal engagement and results.

For Editorial Teams

Enrich Your Content with Semantic Depth.

Explain how the WordLift Agent can assist in creating contextually rich content.

For Web Agencies

Enhance  SEO Offerings with Knowledge Graphs.

Offer tools for agencies to create and manage Knowledge Graphs with the WordLift Agent.

“I can’t live without the Agent now. I am using it for ideas and outlines. I save 40% of my time for this task.”

Aiswarya Menon

SEO & Innovation Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WordLift AI SEO Agent?

The WordLift AI SEO Agent is an advanced tool designed to optimize your website’s search engine performance by leveraging AI.

 Providing tailored recommendations, such as content expansion, entity gap analysis, and SEO score enhancement, ensures your content is relevant to your audience and highly visible to search engines. This strategic approach boosts your site’s rankings and enhances user engagement, making your website more discoverable and competitive in the digital landscape.

What can I do with Agent WordLift?

Agent WordLift is designed to automate various tasks to enhance SEO and content marketing. Here are a few types of tasks that you can automate using Agent WordLift:

  1. Content Analysis: Agent WordLift can analyze text or webpages to extract meaningful insights, such as entities and keywords. This helps understand the content’s focus and how it can be optimized for better search engine visibility.
  2. Entity and Keyword Extraction: It can automatically identify and extract entities and keywords from content, making it easier to optimize articles, blog posts, and web pages for specific topics or search queries.
  3. Content Expansion: Based on specified entities, Agent WordLift can expand the content of a given URL, adding depth and detail to ensure comprehensive coverage of a topic.
  4. SEO Score Analysis: The agent can assess the SEO relevance and trustworthiness of content about specific keywords and search intent, providing insights for optimization.
  5. Keyword Suggestions: It generates keyword suggestions to improve SEO and content discoverability, helping identify related keywords, their search volume, and other relevant metrics.
  6. Entity Gap Analysis: Agent WordLift can identify the gap between entities in your content and those in top-ranking content for specific queries, guiding content enhancement.
  7. Content Creation: Leveraging insights from domain-specific searches and broad analyses, Agent WordLift can assist in creating new content that is optimized for both users and search engines.
  8. Fact-Checking: The agent can check statements or claims, assessing their accuracy and providing a factuality score.
How much does Agent WordLift cost?

Agent WordLift is included in our Professional and Business + E-commerce plans. Buying the license will give you access to the Agent with a certain number of interactions. Go to the pricing and get started!

Where can I see the interaction limits?

We will notify you over email when you are approaching the end of your credits. Your subscription will remain active and the number of interactions will be reset at the beginning of the new month.

How does the AI SEO Agent differ from traditional SEO tools?

The WordLift AI SEO Agent stands apart from traditional SEO tools by harnessing the power of AI to offer more personalized, data-driven insights and recommendations.

Unlike conventional tools that often rely on generic keyword analysis and optimization techniques, the AI SEO Agent utilizes a comprehensive understanding of your website’s Knowledge Graph, enabling it to identify unique opportunities for content enhancement and strategic SEO improvements. This approach allows for more precise targeting and optimization, ensuring that your content ranks higher in search engine results and resonates more effectively with your target audience.

Additionally, its ability to perform entity gap analysis and generate content based on specific insights makes it a more dynamic and forward-thinking solution for modern SEO challenges.

How does the AI SEO Agent integrate with my existing content creation workflow?

The WordLift AI SEO Agent integrates into your existing content creation workflow as an intelligent assistant, providing real-time, data-driven recommendations and insights. It can analyze your content as you develop it, suggest SEO optimizations, identify gaps based on your Knowledge Graph, and recommend entities to include for enhanced relevance and search engine visibility. This integration allows you to make informed decisions on keyword usage, content structure, and topical depth without disrupting your creative process.

The AI SEO Agent’s suggestions are designed to complement your workflow, enabling you to produce SEO-optimized content without extensive manual research or analysis efficiently. This streamlined integration ensures that your content is high-quality and engaging for your audience and fully optimized for search engines right from the start.

In what languages can the AI SEO Agent work?

In Non-Privacy mode it supports a lot of languages, however when we offer the Privacy mode we saw already that only few languages are available. We have recently added support for Traditional Chinese and the support for more languages will arrive as we see demand.

Where can I find detailed documentation?

Detailed documentation on how to effectively utilize the WordLift AI SEO Agent, including step-by-step guides, best practices, and tips for optimizing your website’s SEO strategy, can be found on the official WordLift website.

Please visit WordLift AI SEO Agent Documentation to access comprehensive resources designed to help you maximize the benefits of the AI SEO Agent for your website. This documentation is regularly updated to reflect the latest features and functionalities, ensuring you have the most current information.

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