Step into the exclusive realm of AI-driven website classification and structured data optimization with Andrea Volpini, CEO & Co-found at WordLift, and Garrett Sussman, Demand Gen Manager at iPullRank.

Our experts shed light on leveraging AI methodologies to align your website with Google and LLM’s structured data criteria while addressing critical questions in the realm of SEO:

  • Why ontologies for SEO?
  • What role do semantic retrieval and Google’s Knowledge Graph play in SGE?
  • Why is structured data still essential?

This recorded session offers actionable strategies to enhance online visibility, optimize website structure, and elevate your business’s success through AI. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to SEO, gain invaluable insights from industry pioneers.

Access the recorded webinar and discover how AI can transform your digital strategy.

Webinar in partnership with iPullRank.

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