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Automate your SEO with a tool that transforms you into an SEO expert


If you manage up to two website you are in the right place. By automating essential SEO tasks, WordLift transforms each team member into an SEO expert. As an ambitious entrepreneur, you need more than just a simple SEO tool.

WordLift adds schema markup to your website automatically. Our artificial intelligence understands your content and creates a Knowledge Graph. This way, your content will be better understood by Google and other search engines, getting more visibility and more customers.

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With WordLift, your team will be free to focus on content production while our service optimizes your SEO. We also add internal links and recommendation widgets to keep users on your site for longer.

You can achieve these results:

  • build up the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of your website;
  • increase internal link building, making it easier for Google to understand the relevance of pages, their relationship and their value;
  • double the time users spend on the website;
  • grow organic traffic already in the first months of use.

We measured on a magazine 45% more pages viewed per session and 332% more in the duration of each session (using the faceted search widget).

Unlock the full potential of the Knowledge Graph through our Professional Plan.

AI-Powered Structured Data

Let WordLift suggest to you the best concepts that define your content to improve your markup, rank higher and get qualified traffic on search engines.

These concepts are then added to your site as Structured Data automatically.

This is the same powerful AI automation our VIP and Enterprise clients use.

Knowledge Graph

We connect your Structured Data with the web of data that search engines already use to understand the web, creating a Knowledge Graph that describes the most important meanings on each page.

WordLift gives you 18 entity types:

10 essential schema types


Start building a rich Knowledge Graph connecting concepts, articles and people.

8 advanced schema types


Make your site accessible through voice assistants, enhance your local search visibility and access the flexible and powerful FAQ and Review markup.

Want a different setup?

Call our team of experts and we will create a customised plan for you.

AI Content Recommendation Widgets

We help users discover your content, use AI to recommend contents most likely to keep them on your site for longer and increase internal linking with simple and powerful widgets.


Content Navigator, Context Cards, Faceted Search, Timeline, Geomap, Chord, Entity Cloud, Glossary

Additional Features

AI-Generated Summary & Metadata

We automatically summarize your content to create excerpts and short descriptions.

Google Analytics integration

See how your concepts (entities) influence your site’s performance and understand where to invest in your content strategy.


With this plan, you have exclusive access to SEO courses tailored to companies like yours.


Our team is ready to help you, answering your questions as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

Loving WordLift and what it has done to help our site rank higher in vocabulary building, an area of SEO often neglected by other websites.

Although building the initial vocabulary list of a website may be a lot of work, it pays off long-term. Instead of linking out to other websites or to Wikipedia, you can direct your users to an in-site explanation of terms.

Google appreciates this, of course, and will give you some positive rank love along the way.

Sean Si
Blogger and digital marketing consultant

WordLift is like having in-house SEO for your WordPress site.

Zara Altair
Freelance Writer and SEO Copywriter

I recently installed this app to help me out with basic SEO and what I found out is that it does much more that, it adds a complete index system that allows your site to become a reference in your field, adding a lot more value with internal links and images. This is all powered by an AI, so I’m pretty sure this is gonna be the future of SEO tools.

Paula Bressann
Singer, Artist, and Blogger

Start automating your SEO today

You Deserve Better Rankings

WordLift adds semantic markup to speak the same language of search engine crawlers, personal assistants, and chatbots and helps you improve your ranking and increase traffic to your website. 

You don’t need technical skills because we automate your SEO. Start your free trial and use the button below to book a dedicated onboarding session.

Begin a 14 days free trial and start making your website more effective and successful in just two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Take WordLift for a test drive for 14 days at no risk! We're happy to guide you through the process with a dedicated onboarding session.

What happens after my trial ends?

You will receive an email ahead of time from us and at that point, you can get started with the plan you have chosen and continue your semantic SEO content marketing plan! Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription.

What if I need more time for testing?

We're happy to hear that. Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to extend your trial by an additional 7 days.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Of course, you cancel at any time and come back anytime you like.

What happens if I forget to cancel?

WordLift has a 48-hour refund policy. So, if you forget to cancel, we'll be happy to refund your payment. 

I don't have WordPress, can I still use WordLift?

We have developed a simple Javascript that will let you use WordLift outside of WordPress. Email our team today at [email protected] and we'll get you started.

Can I use WordLift on a WordPress multi-site installation?

Yes, WordLift is fully compatible with WordPress multi-site installations. Just remember, you will need a separate subscription for each website.

What happens if I stop using WordLift?

If you stop paying for your subscription, keep the plugin active on your site and all the entities and the structured data that you created with WordLift will still be available on the website – you won’t be able to run the analysis on any new content, but all the existing markup will work just fine. All the data you have created belongs to you, and you can always download it from WordLift's settings in the WordPress dashboard.

Have more questions?

Email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back in contact with you as soon as possible!