From Merchant Feed To Product Knowledge Graph

Give your products more visibility and start selling for free on Google Shopping.

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Building a Product Knowledge Graph

A Product Knowledge Graph is a new way of storing, organizing, and connecting the products of your store. It’s an additional map that you can provide to search engines and assistants to allow them to better understand your products, their characteristics, and their intended use, getting more organic traffic and more sales.

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With the Product Knowledge Graph Builder you can import data directly from the Merchant Feed with just a few clicks and enrich it with structured data to make your products more visible in search engines and get Rich Snippets and free listings on Google Shopping.

Supported Platforms


Get free listings on Google

by adding structured data to your products and building a Product Knowledge Graph.

Increase your organic traffic

by making your products suitable for rich results and voice assistants.

Reach a qualified audience

and engage clients giving them a better user experience.

What can you expect?

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+ 85% Impressions

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5.1 ROAS

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What’s Next? 

WordLift uses Product Knowledge Graph data to help you scale SEO.
We use language models and develop advanced workflows to automatically create product descriptions and FAQs by leveraging the power of AI.

Structured data that is semantically enriched allows us to provide the model with the information and attributes that make the AI-generated content original and reflect your brand’s identity and tone of voice.

We constantly validate and improve the quality of AI-generated content by analyzing your rankings and brand guidelines.

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Give your products more visibility and start selling for free on Google Shopping.

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