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1 year ago

E-commerce SEO: learn about Scarosso’s case study and how it won Google SERPs by building the Product Knowledge Graph.

E-commerce is an increasingly competitive sector in which it is becoming more and more difficult to gain a foothold. There are more and more brands and more and more websites selling products and services online.

What can an e-commerce do to strengthen its brand and gain more visibility online? What can an e-commerce owner do to see the products appear in Google Search? What is the secret to developing an innovative SEO strategy to stand out from the competition?

This is the SEO case study of the team of Scarosso, a luxury brand Made in Italy, which managed to increase visibility in search engines: more traffic that translated into a 187% increase in orders and a 190% increase in sales in 5 countries (Germany, UK, USA, France and Italy).

Scarosso is an Italian brand, part of TheLevelGroup, offering a modern range of handmade shoes and accessories for men and women. Scarosso shoes are made by master craftsmen in the Marche region of central Italy, where shoemakers pass down tradition and creativity from generation to generation.

The brand follows a business model aimed directly at the consumer: by designing its own shoes, eliminating traditional middlemen and directly involving end consumers, it manages to offer the highest quality at the best price.

The request 

The Scarosso team turned to WordLift with the intention of giving an extra boost to the SEO strategy for its product pages and the numerous information and product variants available in e-commerce. Specifically, the team wanted to increase product visibility (and therefore sales) and achieve a higher CTR in search.

What has been done

The Scarosso team worked with the WordLift team to create a product knowledge graph with unique IDs for all products. This allows Google and other search engines to access the product data as open linked data, making it easier to find and enriching the content experience for end users.

In addition, the existing markup schema based on the information available in the Merchant Feed has been enhanced with additional properties such as multiple versions for product images, GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) code, material and target audience.

Challenges & Opportunities

Along the way, the biggest challenge for the Scarosso team was managing different markups for two countries in the same language folder. Indeed, the website is available in multiple languages, but without country information in the URL.

In these cases, double markup was required. Specifically, for products from the U.S. and the U.K. that had the same URL, a double variant in USD and GBP (i.e., dollars and pounds) was added to the ‘Offer’ and ‘ShippingDetails’ properties. This allows Google and search engines to understand that the same URL refers to two different countries, and thus display the corresponding results in the SERPs of each country.

The opportunities were that we were able to get various product placements in the SERPs like organic results in Google Shopping and get results with a sustainable ROAS. Another opportunity was to start building The Level Group’s product knowledge graph, which will eventually evolve into a very rich dataset of product information for the fashion/luxury sector.

With WordLift we were able to give Scarosso better visibility directly in the SERPs, increasing the organic search conversion rate thanks to a sustainable investment.

Giovanni Carpinelli, Digital Marketing Manager & Head of SEO at TheLevelGroup

The Scarosso team was a key element in the success of the semantic SEO strategy, which was implemented with the WordLift team for e-commerce in multiple languages.The team, which is part of The Level Group, consists of four people (Giovanni, Laura, Gabriella and Chiara) and deals with SEO optimization from all points of view (content, technology, links, etc.). One of their goals is to constantly search for innovative solutions and tools that are easily scalable and can make a real contribution to the search engine visibility of the e-commerce they manage. WordLift was the perfect answer to this need and a valuable ally for their growth.

We have already achieved positive results in the first months of testing, increasing visibility and sales. Also thanks to the support of our SEO team and the Wordlift team, the implementation was fast and efficient. 

Silvia Scarrone, Marketing Manager at Scarosso


The work done by the Scarosso team in collaboration with WordLift has a visible impact on the business.

Indeed, if we compare the URLs of the product pages in the variant group (representing the products with markup) with the control group (consisting of URLs without markup), we can see that in the first two months of 2023, compared to the same period last year:

  • +66% of website sessions
  • +187% of online orders
  • +190% of sales
  • ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) of 3.91 (which means that for every euro/dollar spent, almost four were earned)

The data should be considered as average values for the 5 countries/languages worked with (Germany, UK, USA, France and Italy).

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