Long-form articles

Long-form articles are articles with a longer amount of content, according to Wikipedia they range from 1.000 to 20.000 words and offer an in-depth analysis of a specific subject.

Long-form articles in journalism

In the context of journalism, quite often the long-format is used for creative nonfiction and narrative journalism, which enhances reporting with literary and artistic flourishes. It can also be used for journalistic reportages, which contain direct witnesses and are enriched with photography and data visualizations.

Long-form articles in content marketing

Recently, since content marketing is becoming more and more popular with the rising of digital content and social media,  marketers are more and more interested in long-form articles as a means of engagement and brand awareness. A huge shove in this sense came from a few digital marketing global influencers such as Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas and who are advocating long-form articles as the new-hot-thing.