Linked data

Linked Data Explained

This great introduction video on linked data, the Google Knowledge Graph and Facebook Open Graph protocol was done by @manusporny.

What is Linked Data?

Back in 2006 Tim Berners-Lee described linked data as follows:

The Semantic Web isn’t just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person or machine can explore the web of data.  With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data.

In computing linked data describes a method of publishing and linking data coming from heterogeneous data sources that can be interlinked and shared.

Linked Data builds upon standard Web technologies such as HTTP and URIs, but rather than using them to serve web pages for human readers, it extends them to share information in a way that can be read automatically by computers. This enables data from different sources to be connected and queried.

Queries over linked data are made using a semantic query language called SPARQL that allows to retrieve and manipulate data stored in Resource Description Framework (RDF) format.