As none of us is able to make sense of the Algorithm Changes that are happening with Google’s last Core update, yet we have dozens of clients askings us. We decided to ask the AI what’s happening with this update. If humans aren’t able to keep up with the machine let the machine tell us what’s going on.

Surprisingly we got some interesting answers (questions are from humans – answers come from a neural network we trained)!

When was the update released? 

AI: Monday, June 3, here is a summary of what we know so far. Sources say the update was pre-announced and rolled out on June 3rd. It is still very early, but Google is tweaking its algorithm and is processing the data.

What are the core updates?

AI: Core Updates are Google Updates that do not have a clear specific focus on a certain kind of search query or particular website characteristics. Instead, they make more subtle changes “under the hood”. While other major, well-known Google Updates like Panda or Penguin specifically target things like content quality or backlinks, Core Updates tend to impact websites in a wide range of areas. These updates to Google’s core algorithm are released several times a year. The first Google Core Update was recorded by Searchmetrics in January 2016.

What can I do if my rankings collapse after a Google Update?

AI: At the end of 2018, Google provided some explanation of its Core Updates, stating that there aren’t any specific errors that webmasters can correct to recover lost rankings after a Core Update. Instead, Google recommends offering users the best-possible content – this is the best way of improving rankings. Google’s recommended first step towards achieving this is to study the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines. This document is designed to help quality raters understand, in not inconsiderable detail, how to classify and evaluate content.

Can you tell us more about the DailyMail?

AI: The SEO director of the website even seems to have taken to Google’s help forums to report a huge drop, as spotted by the blog Search Engine Roundtable. He added that they saw their “Discover traffic drop by 90%” and it “has not improved.”

What sites have been impacted the most?

AI: As of now, the update’s made some major waves. As reported by Search Engine Land, early data from Sistrix, RankRanger, SearchMetrics, and Moz suggests there have been some noticeable fluctuations in the rankings. Sistrex reports changes from 05.06. on 06.06 in the Google UK Index. They also note that the range of websites affected seems to be wider than previous updates. While the most recent updates were thought to have the most effect on YMYL sites, these ones appear to have widened the net to news sites, retail sites, etc.

Is Google evil? 

AI: Google says the new core update is “definitely noticeable.”

And since beginning its official rollout, that certainly seems to be the case.

How we did this

We trained a neural network using TensorFlow and a recently released large transformer-based language model called GPT-2 released by the team of OpenAI.

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SEO is a fantastic field to work on. There is always a new challenge to cope with and new things that we can learn to keep our traffic steady and to find the right audience. Core updates from Google are these events that shake the entire publishing and SEO industry as they can have a tectonic impact on traffic and search rankings, yet the dynamics of these updates remains obscure and can only be decoded after several weeks on a case-by-case basis.

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