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We can design an SEO strategy for your e-commerce that can get your products to rank at the top of Google Search.


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Build A Custom Product Knowledge Graph

A Product Knowledge Graph is a new way of storing, organizing, and connecting the products of your store. It’s an additional map that you can provide to search engines and assistants to allow them to better understand your products, their characteristics, and their intended use.

Starting with your product catalog, you can build your Product Knowledge Graph by adding structured data and extended product mark-up injected into both your website’s editorial and product content.  

As a result,

  • You can have machine-readable descriptions that are highly interconnected and make your products discoverable on search engines and, therefore, more visible.
  • You can link blog posts with products and product categories, creating an immersive experience for users.
  • You can provide APIs to other parties, for example, search engines and retailers, feeding mission-critical “hubs” that collect and serve data to users, such as Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping, Alexa.

If you are using Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Prestashop p other platform for your e-commerce, with the new Product Knowledge Graph Builder, you can export your products from the Merchant Feed and automatically enrich them with structured data in just 3 easy steps.


Supported Platforms

e-commerce seo service - platforms you can use - magento
e-commerce seo service - platforms you can use - shopify
e-commerce seo service - platforms you can use - big commerce
e-commerce seo service - platforms you can use - woocommerce
e-commerce seo service - platforms you can use - prestashop

Leveraging GS1 Digital Link with WordLift

GS1 Digital Link is a global standard that connects physical products to the digital world, enabling access to detailed product information through a single scan or click. At WordLift, we implement GS1 Digital Link for you, ensuring your products are easily discoverable and providing your customers with reliable information.

Benefits of GS1 Digital Link for E-commerce Websites

  • Enhanced Product Knowledge Graph: Enrich your Product Knowledge Graph with standardized data, ensuring continuous access to detailed product information. This is crucial for small brands building trust, large merchants streamlining SEO, and big brands maintaining a strong digital presence.
  • Improved SEO: Structured data and unique product identifiers (like GTIN) are directly accessible via a URI, making it easier for search engines to index this information, improving visibility. Essential for heads of SEO and small manufacturers needing to stand out.
  • Better Consumer Experience: Provide direct access to a wide range of product-related content, enhancing consumer experience and increasing brand loyalty. Benefits eCommerce Directors focused on engagement and small business owners boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Visual Search Optimization: Simplify access to detailed product data through a single barcode scan, aiding in decision-making. Valuable for all e-commerce businesses, from small brands to large marketplaces.
  • Physical to Digital: Bridge the gap between physical and digital retail, making it easier for consumers to access product information and for businesses to manage inventory and sales channels. Beneficial for eCommerce Directors integrating online and offline strategies, heads of SEO optimizing touchpoints, and small manufacturers enhancing retail presence.

Discover More About GS1 Digital Link

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business with GS1 Digital Link. At WordLift, we can help you implement this global standard, ensuring your products are easily discoverable and providing your customers with detailed, reliable information. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in taking the first step towards greater efficiency and credibility.


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Why Choose E-commerce SEO Service

More visibility on Google

You want to get more visibility on Google Search and enhance the customer experience.

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You want to provide an internal search engine that can respond more naturally to users’ search intent.

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What do our e-commerce SEO services include?

1. Build A Custom Product Knowledge Graph

This is the digital infrastructure behind your product catalogue and allows you to help search engines truly understand your products, their characteristics, and their intended use. Creating a product knowledge graph will help you maximize the impact of rich results.

2. Optimize your product catalogue

WordLift uses deep learning to boost your rankings on search engines by improving the quality of the metadata that describes your product. From adding multiple images to extracting product attributes, from classifying products to revising or re-writing product descriptions, our technology stack is what you need to capture hidden relationships and to automatically build new facts.

3. Automate repetitive SEO tasks through artificial intelligence

With WordLift, you increase the efficiency of your work by automating essential SEO tasks such as optimizing meta description, reviewing product description, or scaling structured data markup.

4. Add product schema to your e-commerce automatically and at scale

WordLift analyzes your content and automates your SEO with the help of AI without you needing any extra work. Adding structured data makes your products more visible on Google and search engines, increasing your sales.

5. Create and customize an effective product page

Product Knowledge graphs consist of entities — the nodes of the graph — and relations between these entities. By expanding the graph we’re able to present vital information about a product clearly to the end-user. Information is otherwise buried in the free-form product description, or in the reviews. As media content is also connected with the product, building engaging product pages becomes possible. WordLift also will help you connect editorial content from the blog (covering informational intents) with category or product pages (focused on transactional intents) using content recommendation widgets.

6. Improve your internal linking structure

Using the data in the graph, in conjunction with data extracted from search engine results pages, WordLift recommends internal links to improve the ranking of specific landing pages. Links are dynamically created after analyzing search trends and product offerings.

7. Scale relevant FAQ content to help clients understand your products

We train artificial intelligence, using data in the product knowledge graph, to create original content that meets your clients’ information needs. We produce relevant question-answer pairs that rank on Google Search and on Google Assistant. Our workflow for content generation is trained to meet your brand’s tone of voice and designed for hi-end reliability and content quality.

8. Scale SEO optimizations on any e-commerce platform

With WordLift, you can add structured data to your e-commerce no matter which CMS you use. WordLift does the work, builds a product knowledge graph, and injects the structured data on any webpage of your site using JavaScript. Our technology is currently being used on Adobe, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and other proprietary e-commerce platforms.

9. Generate product descriptions and marketing copy with the latest natural language generation algorithms

We partner with OpenAI, HuggingFace, and AI21Labs to provide the best AI solution for your content needs. Content produced using natural language generation is SEO-friendly and automatically validated using the structured data in the graph. We work directly with your content team to scale their work while preserving quality and tone of voice.