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ROAS increased 5 times after the first 2 months and +33% organic traffic after only 2 weeks for a customer in the Healthcare industry.

Knowledge Graph & SEO Optimization 

Building a Knowledge Graph is the first step for your company to access a new way of thinking about SEO. A Knowledge Graph is the ideal training set to teach artificial intelligence software that will better understand your content through Natural Language Processing and become a skilled editor by generating content through Natural Language Generation. 

A Knowledge Graph is a stepping stone to enter into the future of SEO. But what is it in practice?

What is Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph is the dynamic infrastructure behind your content that allows it to be eligible for search engines and voice assistants and create well-contextualized and inter-related web pages and articles, turning data into linked data and making the user experience more relevant.

Your Knowledge Graph is interoperable

On the one hand, it is indexed by Google, and on the other hand, it is linked to Wikidata and DBpedia. The concepts mentioned in an article are annotated and linked with massive knowledge bases, such as DBpedia and Wikidata, to provide search engines with crucial information about a specific piece of content and its relevance to particular search intent. Search engines and web crawlers can use this information, now better understood by them, to directly answer user queries.

Structured Data Automation

Our AI allows the recognition and markup of entities at scale. This means better, more scalable, and more precise structured data markup throughout your website. Marked-up entities are also interlinked with the web of data and form your business’s Knowledge Graph.

NLP and AI for better Content Recognition & SEO

We can analyze content using an entirely in-house developed natural language processing engine that supports over 100 languages and assigns a unique identity to the entities mentioned in the text.

Make your work easy by creating content with AI

With Natural Language Generation (NLG) powered by AI, you can generate content, descriptions, and categories, and scale your SEO. You can quickly generate content to populate an entire online store or travel website, create descriptions for catalog items in e-commerce, etc.

Enrich your User Experience with Content Recommendation

You can enrich your content by automatically adding links and context cards to all entities in your vocabulary. In addition, you can use widgets to insert recommendations and cross-references to the latest published content, creating links and making the user experience relevant. 

If you have e-commerce, you can have specific widgets, including Product Context Card, Product Navigator, FAQs, etc. to enrich the user experience and increase the sales of your online shop. 

Reiterative Monitoring & Reports 

SEO is constant work, constantly evolving and optimizing. For this reason, you will periodically receive analysis and reports that will allow you to keep track of the activities carried out and the results achieved and redefine your strategy to be more successful.

In addition, you can integrate your Knowledge Graph data in Google Looker Studio to learn more about your audience, optimize SEO, and measure the results of your strategy by creating custom reports.

This is the future of SEO.

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Benefits you can get with WordLift

Automate Your SEO Tasks

You want to reduce time and optimize your resources to drive growth and scale the business

Engage Users and Customers

You want to make their experience relevant by providing more information and a better customer journey.

A Customized SEO Strategy

You want to have a customized strategy to increase organic traffic to your website.

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We are not an SEO agency

We are a leading Semantic Platform and a team of SEO experts focused on innovating and creating the future of SEO. WordLift is a human-centered AI, our platform learns from human input and collaboration.

WordLift is the first AI-Powered SEO service: a semantic platform that allows you to build your Knowledge Graph and get the most out of your content by adding structured data to your website without the need for technical expertise and extra work. 

Our research and development process never stops. That’s why we’re constantly adding new features to our product and using AI and machine learning to develop new tools to integrate with it and the daily work of our team of SEO experts. 

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