The word copywriting describes the work of writing textual content, which is also called copy, for the purpose of advertising or marketing. Copy is almost everywhere in so many formats that sometimes you don’t even realize that what you are reading is the result of a copywriting work: from billboards to jingle lyrics, from e-mails to tv commercials, not to forget social media, websites, blog posts… Think about it and you’ll suddenly understand that it’s quite impossible writing the ultimate list of results of copywriting, just because advertising and media are continuously evolving and finding new fields to explore.

The very aim of any copy is to persuade the addressee (reader, listener, etc.) to buy a product or a service or to be convinced by the point of view and thoughts the text shares.

SEO and copywriting

Since the achievement of a higher ranking on search engines is required to reach more traffic, copywriting for web pages is also related to the knowledge of SEO techniques and rules.