Fleek Marketing: +30% of click after 3 weeks


of click after 3 weeks

Fleek Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency with strong roots in SEO. This is one of our SEO case studies.

Fleet Marketing helps its clients develop and implement effective digital marketing, online sales, and engagement strategies. The team covers SEO, social media, content marketing, website design, and development. They also organize tailored workshops and training for organizations and individuals.

Fleek’s client was a law firm and had no WordPress site. We used WordLift Cloud to offer the best solution to Fleek’s clients running their own proprietary content management system.

The Challenge

Fleek Marketing’s goal was to leverage structured data and schema markup to gain qualified visibility for one of their clients. A litigation law firm in the UK. 

The Solution

We worked with Jonny Ross from Fleek Marketing to analyze the core entities behind the targeted search intents. This analysis was done automatically using WordLift long-tail API and an add-on for Google Sheets (currently under beta testing). Based on these insights we applied WordLift markup on a selection of URLs (treatment) while keeping an equivalent set of URLs untouched (control). After 3 weeks, URLs treated with WordLift had +17% more impressions and +30% more clicks when compared to the control group.

The Result

We witnessed a double-digit increase in both clicks and impressions after the first 3 weeks:

The WordLift team is very close-knit and affectionate, I immediately came in as a member of the family and felt at ease. Working with the team has stimulated me and taught me many new things in the world of semantic SEO.

Working with the WordLift team was exciting and a great motivation for my work. They have always been very attentive and precise and have also been able to solve last-minute problems in the best possible way.

Jonny Ross

Founder and Digital Marketing Strategist, Fleek Marketing