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Peak of impressions in one day with Google Discover is a Brazilian platform for spiritual videos and lectures. The editorial project is aimed to provide a complete television channel with a range of insights, seminars and readings focused on the world of spirituality and inner growth. Let’s find out more about this SEO case study.

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The Challenge

Alex Rodrigues, the SEO consultant for, had three goals when decided to use WordLift for this project:

  • Increase the website visibility and getting good rankings on the search results.
  • Bring more visitors to the website.
  • Increase the time spent by viewers on the website pages.

The Solution

Alex Rodrigues and the team of started using WordLift to create their own vocabulary, enriching the taxonomy of the website with entities linked to Spiritism and revolve around this subject. The creation of’s vocabulary, as well as the strategic enrichment (and marking) with the quality content of each of the entities created, has been at the heart of the strategy for almost a year.

[showmodule id="53485"]’s growth with WordLift. Image courtesy of Alex Rodrigues, the SEO consultant for

The Results

After one year using WordLift, the number of website users has increased by 198%, almost tripling the average accesses to the website. Moreover, using WordLift, Alex and his team were able to get 3 videos from the site featured on Google Discover, which earned them 80,000 impressions in two days.

Google Discover Video Growth’s sharp growth on their videos on Google Discover, using WordLift. Image courtesy of Alex Rodrigues, the SEO consultant for

The users’ engagement grew consequentially: page views per session have increased 68,68% (from an average of 25,338 to an average of 42,741).

To learn more about semantics applied to SEO and the experience, check out Alex’s presentation.