The success story of Tharawat Magazine


Unique Users

Tharawat Magazine is an international magazine which focuses on family businesses and provides unique inspiration for entrepreneurs throughout the world. The editorial project is aimed to inform and inspire family business owners, helping them to start, grow and sustain their businesses for generations.

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The Challenge

Tharawat Magazine is keen on producing high-quality content about family business. Ramia El Agamy had three goals in mind when she became one of our first VIP clients:

  • reaching a wider online audience
  • establish Tharawat Magazine as the preeminent publisher on family business topics
  • include SEO operations in the editorial workflow.

The Solution

After analyzing the website and its significative wealth of content, we designed an entity-based content model for Tharawat Magazine. We integrate our SEO best practices within the existing editorial workflow and, as new content is produced, we make sure it becomes SEO-friendly, clear to read and well connected with other pages. We also provide our best in-house support to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and with top notch performances.

The Results

Joining forces has proven highly beneficial: in the last 5 months, Tharawat Magazine has grown by +321% in terms of traffic.

Tharawat Magazine - Traffic Increase in 5 months

Wanna learn more details?

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