Off-page SEO techniques still work in 2019

Off-page SEO techniques still work in 2019

Off-page SEO techniques can be a powerful ally to boost the search engine ranking of your website. We’re not talking just about backlinks, but a whole SEO strategy that includes essentials SEO factors that every competitive business should include in their strategy. Let’s find out more about Off-Page SEO and the latest techniques that work great in 2019.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Unlike On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO isn’t associated with the optimization of content or the website, it rather uses certain techniques to boost the visibility of your website over the Internet. For instance, if Investopedia links with the content of your websites, then some powers of Investopedia will shift to your content link and you will acquire top ranks for that content.

Similar to this there are different development techniques used to rank websites known as Off-Page SEO. Let’s go deeper on the subject.

SEO is a way utilized to enhance traffic and conversion rates of your website by acquiring high position on SERP like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.

Now, some CMSs are providing built-in complements with full criteria on the page on the site. For Example, WordPress have plugins such as Yoast, WordLift and SEO Ultimate.

However, for off-page tasks, you need to find out the high domain authority websites and develop backlinks with recent articles.

What is the main difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

There is a significant difference between on-page and off-page SEO. Nowadays if you want to boost your website ranking in search engine results, you must know about all SEOtechniques, and SEO is traditionally divided into two categories: on Page and off Page.

  • On-Page SEO: the on-page SEO techniques (also known as SEO on the site) are meant to optimize different parts of a website and content that affect the search engine rankings. It’s something that you have control over and that you can change on your site.
  • Off-page SEO: the off-page SEO techniques are focuses on increasing the authority of a domain by obtaining links from other websites.

What are the latest Off-page SEO techniques?

Research on the latest content

Interesting content rules the Search Engine Optimization sphere. Developing interesting and worth sharing content is a great method to build a high proportion of backlinks to our websites and articles.

Tip: frequently research and update your content.

Infographics Submission

Develop innovative infographics. In the present scenario, infographics are becoming popular over the web. Submit your infographic to specialized websites and offer reference to your articles and webpages. The dimensions of the image vary with different websites.

Article and Press Release Submission

Submit your articles to press release and article submission directories. You can also add links to your website.

Tip: ensure that your article is 100% unique and is of top-notch quality. Low quality content and content stuffed with keywords holds higher chances of being disapproved. Select an appropriate division and offer a captivating title to your article.

Social Media Engagement

A basic off-page SEO method is social media engagement. If you desire to develop a website’s visibility, engage with people on various social media sites.

Visibility on social media will aid in expanding your business and also supports you in acquiring a greater proportion of backlinks.

Question and Answers

Generally, people look for answers on the web and various webmasters utilize this chance for link building.

Quora, being the topmost question-answer discussing the platform, offers answers to the questions of its visitors.

Tip: create your own account on Quora. Then search for questions associated with the topics you cover. If you have answers for those questions then post them and add relevant links to your website’s content. Quora’s users will check the link to grab more data.

Forum Engagement

Engage in forums that are associated with your website and establishment, so that you can develop a relationship with the community. Answer to threads, questions which people put up and offer recommendations. Utilize “Do Follow” forums.

Guest Post submission

Guest posting is a popular link building method in which content is published as a guest post by other authoritative websites.

Tip: make sure you choose appropriate websites, which are authoritative and fall in the same niche that you are in, and develop interesting articles for publishing and link them your website.

Web 2.0 Submissions

Develop a sub-domain within a high domain authority website such as WordPress,, blogger, tumbler and such.

Hacks for web2.0:

  • Always share interesting articles and blog posts
  • Upgrade the website on a frequent basis
  • Develop backlinks for already published contents.

Business listing

Google My Business is a product by Google and is available for free. Enhance this for a higher SEO position.

Hacks for a business listing:

  • Write appropriate 250-character description
  • Ensure that the most important piece of information is present in the initial paragraph with the city name
  • Upgrade your content, images, products, and offers on a frequent basis
  • Check reviews and comments and reply quickly in a positive manner
  • Use real product images under appropriate categories.

To sum up

There is a tough competition in the digital markets, and to boost up your position you need an off-Page SEO strategy. On-Page and Off-page SEO tools will help you reach a higher rank for your website on Search Engines.

While using off-page SEO make sure to restrict yourself from black hat SEO techniques.

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