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Top 10 SEO Trends 2020 that you should know!

Top 10 SEO Trends 2020 that you should know!

Here are my SEO predictions for 2020. In a nutshell: we need to re-think content marketing from the ground up and we - as tool makers - really need to design features that help you cope with an ever changing search landscape; organic opportunities on mobile shrunk by...

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Semantic SEO

Answer a specific search intent

Connected Data London

Learn everything about knowledge graphs

Brennpunkt eTourism 2019

Digitalization in the travel industry

SalzburgerLand Tourismus

The success story

Turn on the engagement rate of your website with WordLift

Increasing your Engagement Rate Optimizing your site to appear among the first search results and intercept new users interested in your content is only part of the job: because once they’ve landed on your pages, it is important that your visitors feel encouraged to...

Structured Data As Opt-In Mechanism To Google Rich Snippets

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Google announced a very important update called More options to help websites preview their content on Google Search. Let's see what it is all about and why this was just the last of a set of chain reactions started with an EU copyright...

Five SEO Case Studies of Effective SEO Strategies

We know that even if SEO and Content Marketing are crucial operations for every business with a long time period growth strategy, sometimes many people decide to bet all the budget on Paid advertisement. Why? Every business which plays a role in a different industry...

WordLift is now officially a WP Engine’s Featured Plugin

We are excited to share that WordLift is now officially a WP Engine’s Featured Plugin. This news is not only important for us, but also for our current and potential clients and partners. Read more to know all the important details and advantages of this announcement!...

The Ultimate Checklist to Optimize Content for Google Discover

The shift from keyword search to a queryless way to get information has arrived Google Discover is an AI-driven content recommendation tool included with the Google Search app. Here is what we learned from the data available in the Google Search Console. Google...

The Ultimate Checklist to Rank in the Google Top Stories Carousel

Google Top Stories is a powerful way to boost mobile SEO and CTR of news content. In this article, we describe a real-world implementation, what it takes to be picked up by Google and how to measure the traffic impact.     When Google first introduced the top stories...

Introducing Semantic Web Analytics

In this article we are going to help you create a Web Analytics Dashboard using Google Data Studio, traffic data from Google Analytics and WordLift. We constantly work for content-rich websites where sometimes hundreds of new articles are published on a daily...

Optimizing For Voice Search – Here’s How Important It Has Become

Voice search has always been considered to be a luxury but it has now become more of a necessity as more people are searching the internet via voice commands. Who would want to sit and type out information when you can simply voice this information and voila? ? We’ve...

How to Create Smart Content to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Only 28% of B2C marketers say their approach to content marketing is extremely or very successful. And only 33% have a documented content strategy. That’s just not good enough. Content is the backbone of any good marketing strategy. Yet, the majority of marketers’...

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