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Google is now a semantic search engine.
What does it mean?

Since 2010, Google has started a process of semantic transformation. After acquiring Metaweb (an innovative startup) and founding, together with other search engines,, Google has finally turned into a large-scale semantic engine.

In short, today, Google doesn’t just rank web pages using keywords and backlinks. It has also built a database of semantic concepts, the Knowledge Graph.

This fascinating database, made up of over 500 billion facts, today contains much of the knowledge on the web and allows Google to give more and more answers to users.

Ok, but… what do you have to do with this?

Today, with WordLift, you can finally build your Knowledge Graph so that Google can understand your web pages immediately.

And this allows you to grow your organic web traffic! Bingo!?

Does it sound too complicated? Well, it’s not at all because WordLift does all the heavy lifting for you!

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