Knowledge Connexions 2020

Knowledge Connexions 2020

Knowledge Connexions 2020, also known as KnowCon 2020, is an online event about data, semantic technology, Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases and Graph AI presented by the Knowledge Graph Conference and Connected Data London.

It’s a great opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about these technologies, learning from experts and innovators, such as Dawn Anderson, Hamlet Batista, Jason Barnard and many more.

The conference will take place from November 30th to December 2nd 2020, with 33 speakers running masterclasses, workshops and presentations.

WordLift at Knowledge Connexions 2020

WordLift will be present too! Our CEO, Andrea Volpini, will join other experts in a panel about the relation between Knowledge Graphs and SEO. He will also run two masterclasses where he will show attendants how to use schemas, knowledge graphs and NLP to develop a long-tail SEO strategy.

The “From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO – The Theory” masterclass will be a lecture-based workshop. Focusing on a use case applicable across different industries, participants will learn how to use knowledge graphs to discover new search-demand areas and build dynamic pages that can target long-tail queries. Andrea will also cover some essential elements of natural language generation using Google’s T5 Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer Model. At the end of the masterclass, participants will be equipped with concrete strategies and techniques to leverage existing data – within their organization – for improving their publishing workflow and for discovering new long-tail queries.

The “From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO – The Practice” masterclass will be a highly collaborative, interactive and hands-on class based on the theory learned in the previous workshop. Participants will form small teams, each of which will work on the reference website and run a “search intent investigation” using Python (code will be made available in Google Colab) and the reference website’s Knowledge Graph.

You can book your place at these events following the links:

Are you ready to turn your organisation data into information and knowledge that search engines will love? Come join us at Knowledge Connexions 2020!

WordCamp Europe 2020

WordCamp Europe 2020

For the first time ever, WordCamp Europe is going to be a virtual event, and… it’s totally free! Here is a bunch of things you don’t want to miss from the biggest event about WordPress in Europe.

WordLift Team is proud to sponsor the event: being part of the WordPress community is part of our DNA, and we are happy to give our own contribute. 💙

Save the Date!

First thing first, save this date on your calendar: 4-6 of June.

The event will take place live on Zoom, and registration is required, so grab a ticket!

Ready to play the new SEO game?

The SEO game has changed. That’s a fact — just look at Google to see how much.

👉  How should you change your content and SEO strategy to stay on top of Search?

This Saturday at 4:40 pm CEST, Gennaro Cuofano is going to talk about Google’s evolution in the latest years. Join him to learn how to win at SEO using structured data and semantic technologies.

To join this session, register to WordCamp Europe and, then, just click here. 🤓

Meet our Team

Virtual edition, virtual booth! Come and say hello anytime you want, our team will be there to answer your questions about AI-powered SEO, show you a demo of our plugin, or just a little chit-chat.

Here is the link to our virtual booth, we can’t want to meet you! 💙 

We are organizing live demos: pick a time and book a demo from our calendar to get all the details.

Too busy for that? Have a look at this 1-minute video about semantic SEO.

Virtual Goodie Bag

All the WordCamp Europe attendees are going to receive a goodie bag which is going to be filled with deals and gifts from the sponsors… including a special discount on WordLift. 💰

Don’t miss it out!

How to join #WCEU👇 

Don’t forget that to join WordCamp Europe and its sessions, tickets are free — but online registration is mandatory. Click here to grab your tickets and get the password to join the event. 👇 

Brennpunkt eTourism 2019

Brennpunkt eTourism 2019

How is digitalization changing the travel industry?

The 15th Brennpunkt eTourism 2019 is the top international conference about tourism and it’s fully focused on how digital technologies are disrupting the travel industry.

Artificial intelligence for SEO, cashless payment, booking via speech recognition and voice search technologies, the digital revolution in the hotel room – these and more are the topics that will be presented and discussed by field experts and internationally recognized speakers during the conference.

The congress takes place on the 10th of October from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in the same lecture hall (Audimax). After the coffee break, the congress is divided into two simultaneous sessions, between which you can freely choose and change as you wish.

AI-powered SEO for the travel industry

At 4.40 pm in the second track, Andrea Volpini will talk about how machine learning and artificial intelligence can boost travel SEO. Basing his talk on our long-lasting experience with SalzburgerLand Tourismus, he will uncover a framework that the business operators in this industry can use for SEO.

Event details

When and where

10th October, 2019 – 10-18

Fachhochschule Salzburg
Urstein Süd 1
5412-Puch Urstein


Standard tickets for the full conference are 120€, there are also discounted tickets for students – just 29€. You can buy your tickets here.


Connected Data London

Connected Data London

What is Connected Data London?

Connected Data London is a conference fully dedicated to Knowledge Graphs and to the technologies behind them: AI, machine learning, databases, linked data and semantics. Experts from pioneer companies around the world will show how they are connecting data to create value in many different ways.

Learn how to use knowledge graphs for SEO

Our CEO Andrea Volpini will lead a 3-hour workshop about how we are using taxonomies, schemas and knowledge graphs to improve search engine rankings and web publishing workflows. He will also join a panel moderated by David Amerland about creating knowledge graphs for SEO.

We have spent the last few years using knowledge graphs to power state-of-the-art SEO techniques and we are glad to see that this niche is now evolving into a market.

If you want to be there and learn more about how the knowledge graph industry is evolving, it’s time for you to get a ticket and it’s your lucky day: we have a special 20% discount for you, contact Andrea and he will give you all the details.

Event details

When and where

October 3rd and 4th 2019

Hilton DoubleTree London
7 Pepys St, London


You can buy your tickets in the official website of the event connected-data.london.


WordCamp Europe 2019: a plagiAIrised report!

WordCamp Europe 2019: a plagiAIrised report!

From June 20 to 22, 2019, the WordPress community has met in Berlin for  WordCamp Europe (#WCEU). We had been proud to attend these two days full of events and to report on the latest news from Berlin…well, we decided to let the AI write this blog post ?

Disclaimer: this content has been generated by an AI and we are very thankful to the (human) folks working at the following companies for contributing to this languange model: wptavern.com, codeinwp.com, themeum.com, getshifter.io, torquemag.io and wpblog.com.

Questions are from ourselves while answers are AI-written.

What is WordCamp Europe 2019?

It’s the WordCamp in Europe. WordCamp 2019 is being held in Berlin, the capital of Germany. If you’re not a local, though, you’ll have to spend a lot of your hard earned money to attend the WCEU!

What is the biggest update on Gutenberg?

Biggest news on Gutenberg right now is the experimental block editor.

Matt Mullenweg took the stage at WordCamp Europe in Berlin for sharing the latest update on WordPress. Can you tell us something about it?

Matt talked about how Gutenberg’s block editor has added a host of notable improvements, including block management capabilities, a cover block with nested elements, widgets as blocks, block grouping, and snackbar style notices.

Mullenweg also highlighted a few beautiful and innovative examples of Gutenberg in the wild. Two projects from Human Made showcase Gutenberg-powered designs (artefactgroup.com) and an AI integration that analyzes a user’s writing in the editor (ingenuity.siemens.com.) 

Matteoc and Cyberandy took stage at WCEU

Matteoc and Cyberandy took stage at WCEU

Google is increasing its engagement in the WordPress ecosystem and for this edition of WCEU they introduced a new tool called Google Site Kit. What is it?

Simple, Site Kit is a new addition to Google’s WordPress plugin lineup that was announced at WordCamp US. It provides a dashboard that displays how well a site is doing with various Google tools, such as Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights, packaged as a one-stop solution.

We firmly believe WordPress should become more democratic in the way decisions are taken. What Mullenweg had to say about it?

One attendee asked if WordPress.org plans to implement a more democratic structure for decision making. Mullenweg seemed to interpret the question as referencing a system where tens or hundreds of millions of WordPress users would participate in making decisions on features through a vote or some other form of feedback. In contrast, he said WordPress’ current approach is for leadership to try to get a sense for what the most common issues are through polls and public channels and allow those issues to help shape the project’s roadmap.

What is a WordCamp, by the way?

Strictly speaking, WordCamps are conferences where WordPress experts are invited to talk about different aspects of the most popular CMS. Among the panel of speakers, you’ll find WordPress developers, bloggers, security experts and anyone who can deliver value to the attendees.

The biggest WordCamps are undoubtedly WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US. An approximate 4000 people attended the WordCamp US 2018 in Nashville.

Akin to WordPress’ open source nature, WordCamps are open to anyone with a ticket. However, the bigger the WordCamp, the more expensive the tickets are thanks to a panel of highly popular WordPress personnel speaking at the event.

FourWeekMBA at WCEU 2019

FourWeeksMBA at WCEU 2019

Are you Ready to Let the AI drive the traffic of you website?

Start your WordLift trial today!

SEO Camp’us 2019

SEO Camp’us 2019

Sharing of knowledge and expertise at SEO Campus Paris!

The SEO Campus Paris is back this year for its 10th edition in a revised, renovated and embellished factory. The place is even warmer than usual and… larger!

And as SEO is constantly evolving and adapting, we are proud to announce our participation in the event, side by side with expert speakers such as Bill Slawski, Kaspar Szymanski, Craig Campbell, Cindy Krum, Judith Lewis, etc. Our dear friend Jason M. Barnard is one of the main organizers of SEO Campus and he kindly invited us to join the event. Paris, we’re coming!

How To Use A Knowledge Graph For Your AEO Strategy

Gennaro Cuofano at SEO Campus

We are thrilled to be part of this year’s SEO Campus with a dedicated session on structured data, knowledge graphs and how to map it with the help of Schema.org vocabulary features.

During this session, Gennaro Cuofano will show:

  • How SEO has changed and how it’s now transitioning towards AEO;
  • The importance of relevancy over positions;
  • How to take advantage of a Knowledge Graph and what it can do for your business;
  • and so much more!


Keep following us, we hope to meet you there!

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