Turn on the engagement rate of your website with WordLift

Turn on the engagement rate of your website with WordLift

Increasing your Engagement Rate

Optimizing your site to appear among the first search results and intercept new users interested in your content is only part of the job: because once they’ve landed on your pages, it is important that your visitors feel encouraged to stay and increase their engagement on your website.

The engagement rate represents a key factor for all the companies and publishers wanting to establish a deep connection with users. The aim being to consolidate and increase interactions on their site.

The engagement rate is also one of the values ​​that Google takes into account to understand the relevance of a site in relation to the users’ research intent. Therefore, we are talking about an essential piece of the puzzle in achieving success with your SEO strategy.

So, the longer a user spends his time on your site, the better chance you will have of seeing your content emerge within Google’s search results.

In terms of content, this means building a strategy aimed at creating the perfect environment to keep your users’ engagement rate high. How can this be done?

The WordLift team has developed a new release of their plugin, enriched with new features that will help make your content more meaningful and interactive. This is in order to give your users a better experience and increase the engagement rate of your website.

The new release allows:

  • For users: to access your content and easily browse between different levels of information (from entities to related pages) without having to leave your website and make new searches.
  • For your business: to increase user interactions with your website, taking advantage of customizable features, which will improve the quality of the user experience and your engagement rate.

Let’s see what’s new in WordLift 3.22!

Context Cards allow users to learn more about your content in a smart way

We’ve created the Context Cards to allow your users to deepen your content in a simple and meaningful way. It is now possible to read and preview the entities annotated in your pages, simply by placing the cursor over the highlighted words.

This implementation turns your pages into interactive and metadata-rich environments: in a nutshell, you can make your users and search engines happy in one go! Let’s see how.

Context card on this webpage

One of the context cards on this page

Context cards allow your users to access the different levels of information within in your content, without having to carry out further research or take too many unnecessary steps to explore the topics they are interested in.

You can also optimize your Context Cards with extensive and captivating texts and images to enhance the level of user interest and increase their interaction rate on your website.

This process turns into an actual SEO strategy, which focuses on the quality of the user experience as an indispensable value for search engines.

Do you want a concrete example? I am a Context Card!

A new customizable navigator for your related articles

The WordLift navigator is one of the most popular features of our plugin, so we worked to make it more effective and customizable.

With the WordLift 3.22 release you can:

  • Customize the style of the navigator template.
  • Choose the navigator title.
  • Divide the navigator into two blocks, to be placed in different spots of the content.
navigator blocks

On Windows Report, two navigator blocks with an advertisement between them.

The improvement of the navigator will allow you to highlight related content, encouraging users to visit more pages and creating a smooth and engaging browsing experience.

To summarize

The implementation of the Context Cards and navigator will help you optimize your website and enrich your SEO strategy in order to:

  • Improve the quality of your content and user experience.
  • Increase the time spent by users on your site.
  • Help Google detect the relevance of your content.

If you want to create smart and interactive content to improve the engagement rate of your website... you're in the right place!

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Five SEO Case Studies of Effective SEO Strategies

Five SEO Case Studies of Effective SEO Strategies

We know that even if SEO and Content Marketing are crucial operations for every business with a long time period growth strategy, sometimes many people decide to bet all the budget on Paid advertisement. Why?

Every business which plays a role in a different industry knows that one of the best channels to attract leads is to provide useful content on the web, but SEO seems to need too much time in order to rank and start getting leads for your business.  This is not an absolute truth, of course, SEO is not as immediate as paid advertisement, but working on it in a few months you could have built a great business saving a lot of budget.

We work in the SEO industry and we know perfectly well that the only thing that really matters to clients are numbers, you can fill your their publishing amazing articles and breathtaking pictures, but if you do not optimize them working on SEO you’ll never get positive numbers in terms of results.

Today I want to focus the attention on the publishing industry, a specific sector where SEO has always played a crucial role which grew day by day due to Google’s updates.

Google Discover and the Top Stories are cannibalizing a large part of the traffic, that means if you want to bring traffic to your site, you have to get in one of these advanced features of Google and better your editorial strategy.

I want to share with you some of our numbers creating a checklist with the 5 best SEO case studies we have collected during our experience in the publishing industry.

Get comfortable and find the best solution could suit your business.

Windows Report

Windowsreport.com, is an independent online publication founded in the Fall of 2012 and based in the UK, that covers Microsoft’s Windows platform along with its related products and services, all in the aim of contextualizing the wider implications of their development in the world of technology.

Their traffic stalled for a long period of time. 

As agreed with the client, they needed something more instead of the traditional SEO improvements they could find on the web, that’s why we decided to build a linked graph for the magazine on data.windowsreport.com and we re- designed how content is organized by using the entity-based content model.

Over 1 Mln new organic users per month

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Tharawat Magazine

Tharawat Magazine is one of the world’s foremost publications on family-owned businesses. With over a decade of experience and a thousand published articles, we have established our publication as a source of inspiration for business owners and experts alike.

Tharawat Magazine’s team wanted to introduce an SEO approach in their editorial workflow in order to grow their traffic.

When we started working with them we quickly noticed that they were under-utilizing the wealth of content we had. WordLift stepped in, cleaned up and structured over 1000 articles to increase their visibility. The accelerated returns over the last 5 months are a result of our editorial team’s understanding of how to read the traffic data to make editorial planning more SEO friendly.

+321% in terms of traffic.

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SalzburgerLand Tourismus (SLTG) is the agency responsible for marketing, development, and promotion of tourism in the region of Salzburg. Its main challenge is to attract and engage travelers from around the world, to meet their needs at the right time and to develop new travel products.

attract world travelers from around the world with first-in-class engaging content.

In this case we had to build the digital pathways to bring travelers in SalzburgerLand,
We started studying travelers’ behavior using regional open data on inquiries, bookings, and visits along with search intents.
This analysis helped us define (and re-define) market segments, personas, and information needs for each target group.
We organized existing and new content around different travelers and at the end we had created their own enterprise knowledge graph using linked data and semantic technologies.

 +92.65% more users via organic search

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7wData is a blogging platform to foster innovation & matchmaker between people and products, and foremost is here to trigger your data appetite

build a one-stop place where you can find all information regarding data, but needed something specific to interconnect the content assets.

In this case we built the knowledge graph and it also interconnects the content assets, with a minimal effort.
At the same time, it prepares and optimizes its content for search engines and voice search, which allows people to find my content in an even easier way.

 +60% more users via organic search

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Espiritismo.tv is a Brazilian platform for spiritual videos and lectures. The editorial project is aimed to provide a complete television channel with a range of insights, seminars and readings focused on the world of spirituality and inner growth.


  • Increase the website visibility and getting good rankings on the search results and bring more visitors to the website.
  • Increase the time spent by viewers on the website pages.

They started using WordLift to create their own vocabulary, enriching the taxonomy of the website with entities linked to Spiritism and revolve around this subject. The creation of Espiritismo.tv’s vocabulary, as well as the strategic enrichment (and marking) with the quality content of each of the entities created, has been at the heart of the strategy for almost a year.


  • number of website users has increased by 198% and 3 videos from the site featured on Google Discover, which earned them 80,000 impressions in two days.
  • page views per session have increased 68,68%.

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In conclusion, I want to be sure you know that what we do is not just for publishers, actually every online business needs Semantic SEO, Structured Data and a Knowledge Graph.
This is the future of Search engine marketing and this is the right moment for gaining an advantage over your competitors.

WordLift is now officially a WP Engine’s Featured Plugin

WordLift is now officially a WP Engine’s Featured Plugin

We are excited to share that WordLift is now officially a WP Engine’s Featured Plugin. This news is not only important for us, but also for our current and potential clients and partners. Read more to know all the important details and advantages of this announcement!

wp engine recommended plugins

WP Engine’s Recommended Plugins: how WP Engine Solution Center works

Since its launch in 2010, WP Engine has become the leading WordPress digital experience platform, providing digital solutions for companies of all sizes, managing and delivering compelling websites. In 2017, WP Engine launched the Solution Center, a directory of 3rd party services, plugins and softwares that provides users with the opportunity to enrich their website with the best plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.

We are proud to announce that WordLift is now officially one of them, along top players like Cloudflare, Amazon, HubSpot and Automattic. It confirms our commitment to continuous innovation in the context of modern SEO and digital marketing in general.

WP Engine + WordLift: the most effective solution to double-up the power of your website

We partnered with the top-performing premium hosting in WordPress to bring you speed and structured data to give you two payoffs:

In a few words: when used together, WordLift and WP Engine have the potential to unleash the power to gain you more traffic and help you find a wider and better audience.

Why page speed and structured data are crucial for your website

Page speed is an unquestionable strength when it comes to website performance: not only it gives users a better experience, but also it incentivizes Google to show your pages first instead of the slow-loading pages of the majority of your competitors.

Using these two powerful tools together means you won’t have to worry about your website’s effectiveness again. In fact, while WP Engine provides you some unique advantages that can boost your digital experience, WordLift combines semantics and other Artificial Intelligence technologies to do what an SEO expert would do: grow the organic traffic of your website and improve audience engagement.


  • If you are an SEO expert… WordLift will provide you vital assistance with your digital marketing tasks by letting you focus on the quality of your content while boosting SEO.
  • If you are a publisher… you’ll get all the profits of an SEO expert, plus the advantage to compete amongst the big fishes out there by making your content stand out in search engines. That means appearing in the first results of Google as well as being featured in the news carousel, Google Discover or in the SERP rich snippets.

If you want to learn more about WP Engine and WordLift joined offer, have a look at their website.

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