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Organizing websites with the help
of artificial intelligence

Google Big Moments

How Google is changing the way news is handled

Multimodal Search

How multimodality is changing the future of search

SEO Automation in 2022

Improve the SEO of your website through Artificial Intelligence

The Power of Product Knowledge Graph for E-commerce

Dive deep into the power of data for e-commerce

Touch your SEO: Introducing Physical SEO

Connect a physical product to the ecosystem of data on the web

AI-powered Image Upscaler

AI-powered Image Upscaler

Learn how to enlarge and enhance your images with Super-Resolution, and improve structured data using a state-of-the-art deep learning model.

Structured Data For Semantic Web Analytics

Structured Data For Semantic Web Analytics

Learn what is Web Semantic Analytics and how to extract structured data from web pages and blend it, in Google Data Studio, with traffic from Google Analytics.

Image SEO: optimizing images using machine learning

Image SEO: optimizing images using machine learning

In this article, I will share my findings while attempting to use neural networks to describe the content of images. Images greatly contribute to a website’s SEO and improve the overall user experience. Fully optimizing images is about helping users, and search...

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