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Make Your WordPress Smarter with AI-Powered SEO

WordLift is the AI-powered SEO plugin for WordPress that grows the organic traffic of your website and improves engagement. 

How does it work? WordLift analyses your text with NLP and then adds schema.org markup that search engines understand. 

By adding structured data, WordLift opens a wide range of new opportunities: content writers can enrich their websites with recommendation widgets, automatic interlinking, free images and more. As a result, the UX becomes more engaging. 

WordLift also measures your content’s performance over Google in terms of search rankings and other factors. This information helps you furtherly improve your editorial plan.

Let Artificial Intelligence run the SEO on your website. Today, you can try it with a 50% OFF from your first month of subscription!

What’s in it for me?

See how WordLift can bring your website to the next level with its powerful AI


Help search engines understand your pages

Organize your content with the help of data


Engage readers and increase their engement


Enhance your editorial plan

Add semantic interlinking and recommendations

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