How it works

Organize your content

Text Analysis

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WordLift analyzes the content of your article and identifies matching entities organized in 4 categories: Who, What, When and Where.

Create New Entities

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You can create new entities to provide additional context and enrich your vocabulary. WordLift will learn and next time they will be detected.

Tag Content

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You can accept the entities suggested to add contextual info for the user, efficiently selecting internal links for your content.

Edit Entities

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You can edit all entities to customize your vocabulary around your audience and build new relationships.

Make it beautiful

Choose Images

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WordLift suggests open license images and media from your own library, saving you the time usually spent searching for visuals.

Add Timeline

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Events can be displayed chronologically adding the Timeline widget.

Add Geomap

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Locations in your article can quickly be mapped adding the Geomap widget.

Add Chord

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Visualize what relates to what in your article adding the Chord widget.

Connect and publish

Add Navigator

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Recommend relevant articles to your readers adding the Navigator widget.

Meaningful Navigation

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WordLift automatically identifies topics in your article, using Wikipedia’s classification system. This allows you to create new entry points for your content based on topics, events, people and places.

Publish Linked Data

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WordLift publishes your content’s metadata. Data is yours: you can use it to feed chat boxes such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram, providing live updates on your activity and/or automatic customer service in real time.

Add Faceted Search

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Suggest additional content related to the topics found in your article, letting readers dive into your archive with the Faceted Search widget.

Publish Search Data

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WordLift automatically adds markup to your article, allowing search engines to properly index and display your content and intelligent agents such as Siri and Alexa to access it.

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