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E-commerce Success Stories

Explore our e-commerce SEO case studies to see how WordLift’s strategies have revolutionized e-commerce, from niche boutiques to large online retailers, showing customized solutions for meaningful growth and digital transformation. SEO Success: Content Optimization Leads to a 27.78% Increase in Clicks

Discover how leveraged WordLift's advanced workflow to create content at scale, enhancing product page visibility.

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EssilorLuxottica: AI Revolution: 25+ SEO Enhancements for E-commerce Enterprises

How AI Boosted EssilorLuxottica's Product Discoverability and User Experience, Leading to a 16% Surge in Clicks and Streamlined Data Management.

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Hanabishi's SEO Overhaul Leads to a 26.8% Surge in Organic Traffic

Uncover how they boosted organic traffic by 26.8% using WordLift, harnessing Schema markups and knowledge graphs strategically for a remarkable surge in online visibility.

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How "Made in Italy" luxury brand Scarosso wins Google Search

Leveraging SEO for E-commerce Success: Scarosso's partnership with WordLift led to a 48% increase in organic traffic and a 20% boost in revenue within just two months.

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Gadget Flow: +198% on Organic Growth with a Knowledge Graph

Gadget Flow, leveraging WordLift's AI, saw a 198% surge in organic growth, transforming product discovery with enhanced SEO and a robust knowledge graph.

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