By Ezio Maria Meloni

2 weeks ago

Discover how a real estate agent leveraged SEO strategies to enhance their website’s visibility and drive more leads.

In the competitive world of real estate, having an innovative digital strategy is crucial for success. Real estate agents must optimize their online presence to attract potential clients and stand out in search engine results.

Randy Selzer is a realtor in the Toronto area of Canada. He established his business in 1993 and provides residential real estate services.

In 2022, he boosted his business with WordLift: we have helped him enhance his digital strategy, improve his website’s SEO, and achieve better SERP rankings.

Relying on WordLift was the key to his good online results, and it is precisely from here that we want to start this SEO case study, by looking at the success and then do the reverse path.

Not with numbers or any statistics but with the words of those who have entrusted themselves to us:

“Any business owner needs to see their website in the context of the competition. You need to find an edge when there are thousands of competitors. WordLift has made a difference in my performance in the SERPs, and I look forward to even more new adventures using Agent WordLift.”

And then he continued focusing on the keywords:

My keyword rankings have really soared. Some are tougher than others, but I currently have over 700 keywords ranking on Google’s first page. It has not been overnight, but my presence online has grown steadily.”

And remember one important thing: no real estate agent was mistreated to obtain this review😉


With the power of WordLift, Randy Selzer experienced significant improvements in his digital presence:

  • Boosted SEO: The website’s organic traffic doubled from 2.381 to 5.442 in one year. In four months (November-March), it increased by around 80%. 
  • Improved SERP Rankings: Agents SEO AI achieved top rankings for several high-value keywords, leading to better visibility and more inquiries.
  • Enhanced Content Quality: The website’s content became more comprehensive and aligned with user search intent, resulting in higher engagement and lower bounce rates.
  • Authority and Trust: Randy established himself as an authoritative source in the real estate market, gaining the trust of potential clients.

This fascinating turnkey AI Agent boasts a large space of solutions for your business and an ever-renewed digital strategy.

Ready to see how semantic annotation and AI SEO Agents can transform your digital strategy? Don’t just take our word for it—experience the power of AI-driven SEO firsthand. Book a Demo and discover how our cutting-edge solutions can elevate your online presence and drive measurable results.

Now you are wondering if you can also rely on WordLift.

Now is better to show context to provide a general overview of our client and see if you have a common target and are like him before using WordLift.


  • Improve website SEO
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Enhance SERP rankings for relevant real estate keywords
  • Attracting new clients through digital channels


To address these objectives, Randy Selzer worked with WordLift Plug-in (also semantic backlink) and used AI SEO Agent, our conversational AI tool for content analysis, SEO optimization, and digital strategy enhancement.

The client used the WordPress plugin to add structured data to his content. This is a way to make your website speak in the same language as search engines so they can easily understand what you are talking about. With the plugin, we have easily provided the digital infrastructure needed to help Google truly understand our client’s content. The plugin identifies the main concepts of the content (entities) and highlights them so that you can annotate them by creating a link between the content and the most relevant concepts. 

By applying the appropriate markups, identifying gaps in content and connecting them to commercial and editorial content, we increase visibility, which is useful for attracting the traffic desired by the customer. 

The plugin also supports your writing process with reliable and contextualized facts, enriches content with images, links and interactive visualizations and creates content compatible with markup.

Then he started to use the AI SEO Agent and his life changed. It helps to:

  • Analyze Search Demand: includes keyword discovery to understand and target search queries effectively.
  • Transform Content: offers tools and insights to optimize content for web pages, social media, and newsletters.
  • Revamp Content: suggestions to refresh existing content to maintain relevance and engagement.
  • Create Content: social media posts, newsletters, FAQ sections, product descriptions, etc.


By leveraging WordLift’s advanced tools and insights, Randy Selzer successfully transformed his digital strategy and optimized his website for better SEO and SERP performance

This case study demonstrates the power of innovative digital marketing approaches and the value of using AI SEO Agent by WordLift to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Are you a real estate agent looking to enhance your digital strategy and improve your website’s SEO? Contact us today and take your online presence to the next level. 

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