The Google Knowledge Graph: How it is weaved into Google’s algorithm

This one is a stunner! Beyond RankBrain and Position0, few people have a good grasp as to how the Knowledge Graph is weaved into Google’s algorithm. The Knowledge Graph holds the key to all three pillars of AEO –Relevancy, Understanding, and Credibility.

In this 9th episode of Semrush #SEOisAEO series, Jason M. Barnard hosted three experts who gave reasoned and credible insights into how the Knowledge Graph is locked into the search algorithm, and also great tips into the steps we can take to integrate the Knowledge Graph into all three pillars of the AEO strategy.

Cindy Krum, Andrea Volpini and Bill Slawski guided the audience through the very definition of Knowledge Graph and how does it work.

What are you going to learn?

Jason and his guests will start explaining what a Knowledge Graph is, and then dig deep into its applications and how it works.

Here is the list of the question asked by the host – and therefore of the main topic covered in this 1-hour webinar:

  1. Where does Google get the facts about entities it answers questions about from?
  2. What are Fraggles in SEO?
  3. How does Google update information in the Knowledge Graph in an automated fashion?
  4. The Knowledge Graph is the hub of Answer Engines, Intent, Understanding, and Credibility. Does that flip, flop, or fly?
  5. How did the Knowledge Graph and language make Voice and Cross-Device search smarter for Google?
  6. Linked data Knowledge Graph for the future of search, if the web becomes a database, would we still need Google as it’s the main gatekeeper?
  7. Danny Sullivan and Nic Fox mentioned the Topic Layer a few weeks ago and it all sounds terribly groovy
  8. Are machine learning geeks and Knowledge Graph geeks best chums?


Schema Markup webinar: Transcript and Tips

You can find here the complete transcript of the video. It’s rich of examples, tips, and infographics so that you can really dive into the subject and skim it anytime you need.

Read the transcript here


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