You’ve understood that EAT is the pillar of your digital strategy. Now, learn how to structure, visualize and evaluate your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

A 4-hours webinar with Nik Ranger, Andrea Volpini, Jason Barnard, and Dave Davies, originally hosted by SEMrush.

What are you going to learn?

If you have ambitions to leverage E-A-T to your advantage for your SEO — or better still, as a major pillar of your wider digital marketing strategy — then you need to:

  1. Figure out a way to structure your efforts,
  2. Identify a window of visibility on your work,
  3. Evaluate your success.

This webinar will give you the keys to structuring, visualizing and evaluating your EAT.

Extra Tip: analyzing your SERP with the help of AI

In this article, Andrea Volpini will walk you through a pythonic way to run Google’s SERP analysis using natural language processing and a simple python program that you can run on Google Colab [CODE included]. 

Who is Jason Barnard?

Jason Barnard approached SEO to promote his first website. It was the year Google was incorporated and Jason was able to build up his website to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world – we are talking about 60 million visits in 2007.

After almost two decades of experience in the field, Jason is a digital marketing consultant, speaker, author and the host of the #SEOisAEO podcast, the funniest way to learn about digital marketing from world-class experts.

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