By Valentina Izzo 4 months ago

WordLift is happy to announce a new member of the team – Stefano Fabbroni, our new SEO Project Manager!

Quick Facts

WordLift is happy to announce a new member of the team – Stefano Fabbroni💙

Name: Stefano Fabbroni
Age: 41
Position in WordLift: SEO Project Manager
Languages spoken: Italian, English, French

Let’s Get to Know Stefano

Tell us more about yourself…

I was born in Tolentino, Marche, and have always combined my passion for writing and storytelling (since 2005 as a video blogger and currently as a director and artistic director) with the analysis of data and numbers. I graduated in Milan at the University of Milano-Bicocca in the Communication Sciences course and started my work as a consultant in the field of web listening and online reputation analysis and design of online and offline communication actions.

I was a project manager in the field of online marketing. In this role, I managed numerous projects for small, medium and large companies in the fashion, tourism, pharmaceutical and wholesale industries. These projects included e-commerce as well as communication and branding activities.

SEO and CRO /UX are activities on which I have given very important advice in my career, following the evolution of search methods, algorithms and ranking techniques both on Google and other search engines.

3 things you love the most about being a Wordlifter🏋️‍♀️

– Working with a multidisciplinary team with strong expertise in SEO, Data Science and AI solutions development.

– The opportunity to work in depth in knowledge graph creation with the most innovative tools.

– The work environment and strong approach to research and development.

Can you share an exciting innovative work that you’re doing at WordLift?

I was very impressed with the methods used in WordLift to measure the performance of an SEO campaign, but also with the advanced tools used to categorize search intent. With the algorithms, I was able to quickly process and cross-reference so many variables and decide on the most predictive set for large data sets. 

This allowed me to quickly decide on meaningful clusters for each intent, create variants, and take steps to personalize the browsing and internal search experience.

Can you share exciting innovative tools that you’re using at WordLift?

I found the SEO Add- on for Google Sheets extremely useful. It was designed to extract entities in the Knowledge Graph and synchronize them with Google Search Console data. 

I was able to quickly match large amounts of information with a very high quality of information architecture and correctly transfer and update it to JSON-LD while adhering to standards.

Actions were quickly implemented based on a selection of pages, and I could continue to quickly compare the data with Google Search Console data. This made the experience of SEO work very smooth and intuitive.

In addition, with the SEO add-on, I can automate other operations or transfer them for later updates of content, entities and vocabulary on the website or e-commerce.

What I like is that in WordLift you always have an eye on your own work and that of other SEOs. This leads to the development of new and innovative tools that aim to facilitate workflows. One example of this is Data Visualization, which lets you evaluate measures to implement structured data on the page via the Google Data Studio connector.

When used in conjunction with the WordLift plugin, it allows for quick, accurate and impactful upgrades and intuitive evaluation of results. Something that can change the day – or life – for us, team Agency🕺 

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