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SEMANTiCS is an international conference on Linked DataSemantic Web, and AI where business and academia meet and learn about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations of the semantic tech industry.

WordLift’s crew has given a talk on Semantic SEO!

WordLift at SEMANTiCS 2018

We attended SEMANTiCS 2018 with a talk called “The Holy Grail of Semantic SEO: Tales from the Trenches” (Yep, we like loooong titles ?)

In this talk, Andrea Volpini (WordLift CEO) and David Riccitelli (WordLift CTO) presented the challenges, pitfalls, metrics and real-world use cases that an emerging industry of AI-driven SEO tools has to face to make content relevant with the help of semantic web technologies. From driving traffic to large online websites to providing valuable insights to content editors, in this talk, we discussed how knowledge graphs become a new powerful digital marketing asset for any organization.

The premise: where is SEO going?

We have witnessed a fundamental shift in the last few years as public search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex have enhanced their services with web-scale knowledge graphs and massive extraction of semantically rich structured data from public websites. The SEO landscape, made of search industry practitioners, experts, established tools makers and savvy online publishers, had to start organizing strategies, content, and technologies around structured data markup, support for linked open vocabularies and data publishing to cope with this gigantic shift.