Knowledge Connexions 2020

Knowledge Connexions 2020, also known as KnowCon 2020, is an online event about data, semantic technology, Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases and Graph AI presented by the Knowledge Graph Conference and Connected Data London.

It’s a great opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about these technologies, learning from experts and innovators, such as Dawn Anderson, Hamlet Batista, Jason Barnard and many more.

The conference will take place from November 30th to December 2nd 2020, with 33 speakers running masterclasses, workshops and presentations.

WordLift at Knowledge Connexions 2020

WordLift will be present too! Our CEO, Andrea Volpini, will join other experts in a panel about the relation between Knowledge Graphs and SEO. He will also run two masterclasses where he will show attendants how to use schemas, knowledge graphs and NLP to develop a long-tail SEO strategy.

The “From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO – The Theory” masterclass will be a lecture-based workshop. Focusing on a use case applicable across different industries, participants will learn how to use knowledge graphs to discover new search-demand areas and build dynamic pages that can target long-tail queries. Andrea will also cover some essential elements of natural language generation using Google’s T5 Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer Model. At the end of the masterclass, participants will be equipped with concrete strategies and techniques to leverage existing data – within their organization – for improving their publishing workflow and for discovering new long-tail queries.

The “From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO – The Practice” masterclass will be a highly collaborative, interactive and hands-on class based on the theory learned in the previous workshop. Participants will form small teams, each of which will work on the reference website and run a “search intent investigation” using Python (code will be made available in Google Colab) and the reference website’s Knowledge Graph.

You can book your place at these events following the links:

Are you ready to turn your organisation data into information and knowledge that search engines will love? Come join us at Knowledge Connexions 2020!