Knowledge Graph Conference

Beatrice GambaThe Power of Knowledge Graphs in Modern SEO [Presentation]

Andrea VolpiniEnhancing LLM Generative Capabilities through Knowledge Graph Integration [Presentation]

What is the Knowledge Graph Conference?

The Knowledge Graph Conference is an international conference that focuses on the importance of knowledge graphs and is attended by speakers from around the world each year. The conference is held both in person and online.

It was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between industry and academia on the importance and application of semantic technology and knowledge graphs.

In 2023, it reaches its fifth edition, the largest ever, with more than 30 workshops and tutorials, more than 80 presentations from leading experts, 8 panel discussions, and more to showcase only the best of knowledge graphs.

The program of the Knowledge Graph Conference 2023

The Knowledge Graph Conference will be held May 8-12, 2023. It will be held at the Cornell Tech Campus in New York and online on the Airmeet platform. All programming related to KGC 2023 will take place in the Eastern time zone.

KGC 2023 will cover a variety of topics related to knowledge graph technologies.

You can see the programm here.

This year’s speakers include Andrea Volpini – CEO and co-founder of WordLift – and Beatrice Gamba – Head of Agency at WordLift.

Enhancing LLM Generative Capabilities through Knowledge Graph Integration

Andrea Volpini, CEO and co-founder at WordLift, will focus on the use of large language models (LLMs) for generative AI, and how incorporating symbolic knowledge (attributes from a knowledge graph of an eCommerce website) can improve the accuracy and usefulness of generated content.

Session Topics:

  • Generative ai
  • Content Production using KGs

The Power of Knowledge Graphs in Modern SEO

Beatrice Gamba, Head of Agency at WordLift, will talk about the creation of a Knowledge Graph for an online leading news publisher in Germany.

We used the technology behind Knowledge Graphs to semantically link tags and entities to articles, injecting content all over the website with context-rich information that could talk to search engines and appeal to users. In our analysis we will present results from Organic Search and showcase the validation process we used to ensure the correctness of the information provided at all stages to constantly improve the knowledge base. The aim of this presentation is to showcase the power of Knowledge Graphs in the field of modern SEO.

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