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Beatrice Gamba

Who is Beatrice Gamba?

Beatrice Gamba is Head of Innovation at WordLift.

Born and raised in Rome, Beatrice joined WordLift’s team in 2016, after a 3-year experience in Berlin, where she worked for a big e-commerce company.
Beatrice has over 9 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO.

As Head of Innovation, Beatrice plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of SEO by pioneering cutting-edge AI-powered strategies that redefine search engine optimization practices and elevate the company’s offerings to unparalleled heights.
Beatrice works at the crossroads of AI and semantic SEO, involving generative AI, knowledge graphs & structured data.
Beatrice manages the success of digital innovation campaigns daily, for both Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized businesses. She is focused on strategy, operations, and growth.
She’s passionate about semantic SEO and AI-driven digital marketing strategies.
Her hobbies are collecting old 70s records, DJing and riding her bike.

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What does a Head of Innovation do?

Beatrice Gamba is responsible for leading and managing the Innovation team to develop and implement innovative digital marketing and advanced SEO strategies that drive business growth (5xROAS) and create value for our customers.
Beatrice is a leader with proven track record of success in driving digital transformative changes.

  • Scale cutting-edge SEO techniques and technologies
    Driving the adoption of AI-powered SEO tools, methodologies, and strategies to enhance WordLift’s offerings.
  • Develop and implement a roadmap for innovation
    Identifying and exploring emerging SEO trends, technologies, and opportunities.
  • Leverage data-driven insights to inform innovation
    Analyzing SEO data, identifying patterns, and developing actionable insights to inform innovative solutions.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams
    Collaborating with product development, marketing, and engineering teams to integrate innovative AI-based SEO strategies across the organization.
  • Demonstrate leadership and drive results
    Leading a team of 9 people with different levels of competences in SEO, content marketing, AI, data science and drive the motivation to achieve the Innovation unit goals and produce value.
  • Contribute to industry thought leadership
    Sharing expertise and insights through industry publications, speaking engagements, and thought leadership contributions.