Connected Data London

What is Connected Data London?

Connected Data London is a conference fully dedicated to Knowledge Graphs and to the technologies behind them: AI, machine learning, databases, linked data and semantics. Experts from pioneer companies around the world will show how they are connecting data to create value in many different ways.

Learn how to use knowledge graphs for SEO

Our CEO Andrea Volpini will lead a 3-hour workshop about how we are using taxonomies, schemas and knowledge graphs to improve search engine rankings and web publishing workflows. He will also join a panel moderated by David Amerland about creating knowledge graphs for SEO.

We have spent the last few years using knowledge graphs to power state-of-the-art SEO techniques and we are glad to see that this niche is now evolving into a market.

If you want to be there and learn more about how the knowledge graph industry is evolving, it’s time for you to get a ticket and it’s your lucky day: we have a special 20% discount for you, contact Andrea and he will give you all the details.

Event details

When and where

October 3rd and 4th 2019

Hilton DoubleTree London
7 Pepys St, London


You can buy your tickets in the official website of the event