Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search (aka Search by Voice) is a Google product that allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer. Once only available for the American English, commands are now processed in 40 different languages.

Since August 2014, users can choose up to five languages and the app will automatically recognize the spoken language.

Where can you find it?

  • Android Devices: Android users can turn on Google Voice Search anytime saying “OK Google“. It can be used to give voice commands to the device, to find any information and to get directions.
  • iOS Devices: iPhone and iPad users can activate voice search on Google App saying “OK Google“.
  • Chrome: desktop users can activate Google Voice Search on their computers on Chrome browsers.
  • Google Maps: mobile users can use voice commands to get directions and other information from Maps.
  • YouTube: English-speaking users can use a derivation of Google Voice Search to add text captions on videos.
  • Google Home: the newborn home assistant by Google is powered by the same technology.

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