Rank Zero

Since the introduction of the Featured Snippets in 2014, Google is trying to answer to users’ searches with quick organic answers and not only with the list of links we used to see before.

These answers are the so-called Rank Zero results: they are composed by an extracted answer (which takes data from other websites around), a display title and an URL. Sometimes they happen to be enriched with images, tables, bulleted lists and more.

Thanks to their position on the SERP, Rank Zero results tend to have a very high CTR.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the zero position?

Zero position refers to the answers extracted by google to the questions asked by the users, those answers are extracted from websites based on the most relevant ones to the questions asked. When creating well-optimized content professional SEOs analyze the top results in order to analyze the search intent and to get an overview of the competition.

What is the rank of the zero matrix?

The zero matrix does not have any entries, and its rank is zero. Once the matrix contained even a single entry it cannot be ranked zero any longer.

What is an example of Google search result that can be found in position 0?

Google search result that can be found in position 0 is usually the first answer shown on the search, it is the answer that includes the most relevant information to the question or the topic. This kind of analysis is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis which is part of keyword research and helps you understand if the query that you identified is relevant for your business goals. More importantly by analyzing how results are organized we can understand how Google is interpreting a specific query.

What is position in SEO?

A position in search engine optimization (SEO) is the place at which the website appears in google search, a position is driven by the most relevant information and the traffic of the website. Google shows the results that it feels are most valuable and relevant to its user, meaning that your Brand SERP reflects Google’s perception of your brand in the context of your audience.

What is full rank?

A full rank matrix refers to a matrix with ranks that are equal to the largest possible of a matrix with the same dimensions, however, if the ranks are smaller than the largest possible dimensions, it is called rank deficient