Context Card

In WordLift, a Context Card is a preview of the content of the page of an entity that is linked to another page.

What is it for and how does it work?

The Context Card opens when the mouse is hovered over the link and provides the user with some initial information before even clicking on the link, helping him to decide whether to investigate the topic or not.

An optimal context card includes a short and direct definition of the entity and a representative image. In this way, the user can get an idea of ​​the content at a glance and immediately identify which concept, person, place or whatever is talking exactly.

Just as semantic markup has the function of disambiguating the content for search engines, the context cart offers the reader a more precise contextualization. Moreover, thanks to its captivating format, the context card encourages the reader to deepen the topic to which the entity refers.

How are the context cards produced?

To show user context cards, WordLift automatically extracts the featured image (the main image of the entity) and the first lines of content of the entity page. For this reason, to take full advantage of this tool on a website, it is important to take care of the pages of the entities and to provide a useful definition in the first few lines, but which can also stimulate the user to go further and visit the entity’s page. .