Increasing your Engagement Rate

Optimizing your site to appear among the first search results and intercept new users interested in your content is only part of the job: because once they’ve landed on your pages, it is important that your visitors feel encouraged to stay and increase their engagement on your website.

The engagement rate represents a key factor for all the companies and publishers wanting to establish a deep connection with users. The aim being to consolidate and increase interactions on their site.

The engagement rate is also one of the values ​​that Google takes into account to understand the relevance of a site in relation to the users’ research intent. Therefore, we are talking about an essential piece of the puzzle in achieving success with your SEO strategy.

So, the longer a user spends his time on your site, the better chance you will have of seeing your content emerge within Google’s search results.

In terms of content, this means building a strategy aimed at creating the perfect environment to keep your users’ engagement rate high. How can this be done?

The WordLift team has developed a new release of their plugin, enriched with new features that will help make your content more meaningful and interactive. This is in order to give your users a better experience and increase the engagement rate of your website.

The new release allows:

  • For users: to access your content and easily browse between different levels of information (from entities to related pages) without having to leave your website and make new searches.
  • For your business: to increase user interactions with your website, taking advantage of customizable features, which will improve the quality of the user experience and your engagement rate.

Let’s see what’s new in WordLift 3.22!

Context Cards allow users to learn more about your content in a smart way

We’ve created the Context Cards to allow your users to deepen your content in a simple and meaningful way. It is now possible to read and preview the entities annotated in your pages, simply by placing the cursor over the highlighted words.

This implementation turns your pages into interactive and metadata-rich environments: in a nutshell, you can make your users and search engines happy in one go! Let’s see how.

Context card on this webpage

One of the context cards on this page

Context cards allow your users to access the different levels of information within in your content, without having to carry out further research or take too many unnecessary steps to explore the topics they are interested in.

You can also optimize your Context Cards with extensive and captivating texts and images to enhance the level of user interest and increase their interaction rate on your website.

This process turns into an actual SEO strategy, which focuses on the quality of the user experience as an indispensable value for search engines.

Do you want a concrete example? I am a Context Card!

A new customizable navigator for your related articles

The WordLift navigator is one of the most popular features of our plugin, so we worked to make it more effective and customizable.

With the WordLift 3.22 release you can:

  • Customize the style of the navigator template.
  • Choose the navigator title.
  • Divide the navigator into two blocks, to be placed in different spots of the content.
navigator blocks

On Windows Report, two navigator blocks with an advertisement between them.

The improvement of the navigator will allow you to highlight related content, encouraging users to visit more pages and creating a smooth and engaging browsing experience.

To summarize

The implementation of the Context Cards and navigator will help you optimize your website and enrich your SEO strategy in order to:

  • Improve the quality of your content and user experience.
  • Increase the time spent by users on your site.
  • Help Google detect the relevance of your content.

If you want to create smart and interactive content to improve the engagement rate of your website... you're in the right place!

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