Andrea Volpini speaker at BrightonSEO 2021!

You can use GPT-J, GPT-3, or Jurassic-1 to create human-like texts and automate SEO.
But not all that glitters is gold…what are the limitations of these language models, and how can you get the best of it?

In his speech, SEO Automation using GPT3 and Transformer Based Language Models, he shows you some examples of how to “hack” text-to-text transformer-based models to combine human intuition with artificial intelligence and what returns you can get in terms of traffic for your website.

Take a look at his presentation 👇


In his session Andrea Volpini:

  • explained the transformer architecture to SEO specialists and marketers;
  • showed the limits of deep autoregressive language models created with this architecture;
  • provided some tips on how you can use them and manage the conditions;
  • offered a case history and the return in terms of traffic for a website.

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