Kalicube Tuesdays with Jason Barnard, Emilija Gjorgjevska, and Ryan Shelley presents the WordLift November Roundtable.

Schema markup is the secret weapon for semantic search but how do we prove its value? How do we use its unique value proposition to persuade executives to implement it? How can we organize our content processes so that they are not a complete mess and what can we learn from cases where structured data is not implemented properly?

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We cover everything in this groovy session to help you solve all your schema markup dilemmas through practical examples and lessons from real-life experiences. Jason, Emilia and Ryan show you a behind-the-scenes look at structured data:

  • Demonstrate the value of schema markup as a secret weapon for semantic search
  • Present how to organize content processes
  • Schema markup case studies

Many of us know the power of Schema, but from what Emilija and Ryan have shared with us behind the scenes, it seems even we have been underestimating it at Kalicube!


Organized by Kalicube in partnership with WordLift.

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